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How to Delete Legendary Equipment

Hey you guys, since I’ve seen this complaint or question many times, I thought I’d do a quick post about how to delete legendary gear from your inventory. Many people use these extra pieces of gear for the Holy Forge events, but then encounter messages about not being able to sell them afterward.

3 Ways to Remove Legendary Gear from Inventory

Enchant once, and then sell.



It’s more effort, but alternatively you can put the item in your Guild Vault, leave your guild, and then delete the mailbox item containing the equipment.

Hope this helps, and share if you know any other ways around little issues like these!


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  1. But how to delete/sell eudamon shard? Thanks as always:)

    • You cant delete/sell it in inventory. Just use them when meet 5 or ask to be kicked out of guild, so that you can delete it from mail box.

  2. Took me forever to figure out that you could recycle Legendary equipment.

  3. You can holy forge up to 8.9 stars and sell it – just don,t go to 8.10 as then it has to be recycled

    • This one doesn’t seem to be true.

    • Are you sure? I have many with low level HF and none have prices.

  4. Tip: If you enchance a legendary equip lv70 to lv36 and upgrade to lv80, you can sell it for the double of gold spent. Nice way to farm extra gold.

    • Oh that’s solid, thanks!

  5. Wow that works for the damn red maxed hf ones too for which you can’t recycle them. Thanks a million

  6. Thanks, never occurred to me you can sell reds if you enchant them.

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