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How to collect SPECIAL CODE Rewards for Wartune’s 6th Anniversary

Hey everyone! A lot of Wartune players are having a difficulty collecting the Wartune’s 6th Anniversary special rewards that come from inserting an event code that must be obtained from an outside-of-the-game web page, so I am making this guide to explain step by step how to do it. I also want to thank my dear friend Filemon for helping our guild with this.

The Code Location and Inserting in-game:

The code for rewards must be obtained from a page outside of the game. To go to that page:

  1. Click HOT EVENTS
  2. Click on top left 6th Anniversary and then CLICK FOR DETAILS on the right side (this will take you to the special page, but you need to login with R2 login/pass; if you play on Kabam / ArmorGames or other non R2 servers continue reading below)
  3. Once on that page LOGIN on top right
  4. After login scroll down to the bottom and click CLAIM for the rewards (this will open a new window which will give you a CODE which you must copy to insert inside the game)

Inserting in the game:

This part is easy:

  1. Click HOT EVENTS
  2. Click on the bottom left with a blue button EVENT PRIZES
  3. Paste the code that you copied from above steps and click EXCHANGE. Wait few seconds and you should receive an in-game mail with rewards.

What to do if you don’t have an R2 login:

  1. If you have an unused email create a new account at R2. If you don’t have an unused email go to where you can create a DISPOSABLE email within few seconds which DOES NOT have any password and where emails are auto-deleted after 8 days. Just choose an email name (invent some name only you would know as anyone can enter if they know the name) and click CHECK MAIL
  2. Write down the email address (copy from top left [email protected])
  3. Go to R2games website.
  4. Click LOGIN on top right.
  5. Select SIGN UP in the popup window.
  6. Put your email + password for R2 + birthday (write these in your notes for future reference if you will need to use again).
  7. Now with your email + R2 password you can LOGIN in Step 3 above and continue with the steps as described above.

What are the Wartune’s 6th Anniversary Rewards:

2 in-game mails will be sent with the rewards:

  • Mail 1: Polishing Orb x20, Symbiosis Stone x20, Relic Chest x1, Blood of Zeus x50, Adv. Wish Scroll x10
  • Mail 2: EXP Talisman x400, Uncommon Pennant Chest x3, 6th Anniversary Gift x5

I hope my guide helped you navigate the insane business practices of the Wartune Team. Share with other players so that everyone can manage to collect the rewards. And if you have any additional tips with this Wartune issue to help everyone please post in the comments below.

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  1. THe pleasure is mine for help you Cosmos 🙂

  2. Sadly they must have changed that as it doesn’t work for Koram characters.

  3. Update: If you are on Koram servers you need to create an account on to get a valid code.

  4. These rewards doesnt worth the effort to create a fake account to claim them, but thanks cosmos for the info.

    • depends i guess on if you cash or not

      for those that don’t i think it would be well worth it

  5. to much work game is geared for r2 jerks

  6. I log on to directly so not sure why I would HAVE to create an R2 login. If that is the only way to get it then it is about time to find another game to lay.

  7. whole system just sucks, like all of these “rewards” we got over the last years its stupid how they give them to us. to me it seems only to valid some email adresses to sell them later.

    why not use a smart way and just insert a “get it” button” stead of redirecting and making it useless complicated (ohh sry forgot , thats the aim of it all: make it useless complicated and blow it up to more and more)

    and after all, with all the time and effort needed to get the rewards for me its not worth it (and im no cashnoob)

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