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Wartune Anniversary Gift Keys

Hey guys, 16th of August launches Wartune Anniversary gifts which you must unlock via keys via a daily visiting of a website linked from inside the event. Maybe sounds a bit complicated but it is not, here I show you below. The only thing we are not clear on is if these are available on all platforms.

In Hot Events you will have a window like this:

In this window you must click on the top right button “Click for Details” which is going to bring you to a login window again where you might think that the game just refreshed. But anyways, select again your server and you will come to the gifts website (shown below).

Here all you have to do is click on “Unlock” and it will spin the wheel and one of the keys will get unlocked. You need to unlock a full line to get the gift and for this you need to login here every day.

1. Login on this page each day to receive 1 Unlock attempt.
2. Click “Unlock” button to unlock a key and receive 100,000 Gold.
3. When the keys of a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) have unlocked, players will receive the corresponding reward.
4. Unlock all the keys to receive 2 extra rewards.

1. Each Player has 3 Outer Wheel attempts every day.
2. The above Gift Maze event rewards 1 free Inner Wheel Attempt.
3. Recharge $9.99 to receive 1 Inner Wheel attempt. Players may receive up to 100 Inner Wheel attempts from recharging each day.
4. Players can check the rewards from the above reward panel. Click “Claim” to receive rewards from in-game mail.
5. The Anniversary Mount Shards can be used to exchange for the anniversary mount.

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  1. Anniversary event isn’t available on Kongregate. I did have a question though. Is that a clothing set in the reward chest? Thanks

    • I tried to click on it, but as it is a website it does not say what it is

      • For me, I can put my mouse over it and it says what it is.

      • i must have had a bad page loading, i see it now also

    • The reward on the right is sepelcrum x50 and apollo’s feathers.

    • Different companies are getting it at different times. ProfCity was first to get it and they said that R2 and Kabam would get it this week. You must login via a browser to participate. The mini-client does not work for this event.

  2. this event is one of the most garbage I’ve already seen in the game.
    the case of the event wartune this being one of the worst platform for events. the this birthday with events like this, I confess that does not make up more play

  3. It doesn’t work for Koram players are we are not logging in via They say they are working on it, but doubtful it will work before the event ends!

  4. This event is more Wartune garbage gambling…FU pay me. At least when you buy a lottery ticket you know the odds and might get real money back. Wartune gives you nothing more than an electronic smiley face sticker for your hard earned cash. No more gambling for me! No thanks I would rather go to a casino at least they have free drinks!

  5. Cant get login to website bc i bind to not acessable mail type. So dont care now.

  6. looks like Armorgames will not be participating (as usual) XD…this is sad…hope i’m wrong

    we only got some ‘compensation’ from hot events…100 advance henna and other stuff

  7. I can’t get this to work for me. I find the directions confusing. Others on my server have it working. FRUSTRATING!!!

  8. Kongregate servers got the following anniversary gift:
    -Mount Hoof x 1
    -Advanced Henna x 100
    -Sack of Gold x 50
    -Lvl. 4-10 HP Gem Chest x 5
    Not much of a gift if you ask me.

    • R2 preference is the following R2/WT hosts, and then Kabam.

      Kabam yields the most profit for them, since there are higher % of bigger spenders there.

      Other servers are smaller and of less consideration, thats why you had the debacle of closing servers on other hosts.

      Just becareful, R2 is manipulating the game for money optimizations, not for your game play.

      We’ve heard that Kongregate players are quitting, on top of some of the big spenders like Jim Solomon who also left.

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