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Gothic Vampire Clothing Set by Sarvira

Hey guys, sharing here with you Wartune female (Mage class) clothing art by Sarvira called Gothic Vampire Clothing Set.

It features sharp bat-like wings, pointy nails and a long Gothic dress & staff.

Gothic Vampire Clothing Set by Sarvira 1200px

For artists: if you also like to draw Wartune art or other art feel free to email me for publishing (my email is cosmos at dolygames dot com).

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  1. There already is a vampire one. Also he can try to color it

    • I know, but this one, even if it is vampire, it is very different from the one in the game 🙂 and i am a she

  2. look good you should submit that to r2 and make sure they don’t rip off they’re known for it.

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