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Gold Sylph 100% Free Way

Hey guys, over time I have heard a lot of complaints from free players / non-cashers / light-cashers about having to face powerful sylphs of enemy players in battle. While it is true and fair that those who pay cash will be more powerful and ahead, it is also true that free players can easily achieve the same things, just with patience. I just got my gold sylph after a long time of collecting Mahra 100% free way and this is also one of those things I actually didn’t think I would achieve, but here it is. Wartune has regularly proven to me that all the things I never thought I’d get for free, if I am patient enough (and keep playing) I will be able to get those things.

Screenshot my Gold Sylph Achievement + Gained Sylph Master Title

gold sylph Cosmos totally free way

Where is the Mahra income coming from?

When sylphs came out it was really tough getting hands on any Mahra at all. After some game updates we received the Wilds Shop where people were buying 20 Mahra for 19 Stones, but, as you know, this option does not show up very often plus it is limited with the number of stones we may have.

I think the “game changer” for achieving gold sylph happened when Dimensions were released. I made sure to keep at all times 5 basic dimensions up and running which is what most people who have VIP can easily do. Even without VIP I would not say it is a huge difference because you can have less dimensions but you have the time to actually clean all their sections fully before they decay and die. And also sooner or later you will get your hands on Intermediate Dimensions or higher and that will further boost your Mahra income.

Sky Trail also should not be forgotten. You can get a steady, although mild, Mahra income from there and can boost it further by pushing as deep as you can unlocking as many 5th and 10th stages as possible to get your hands on more horns per day. I currently get 12 per day which is nice and using dimensions you can boost a specific element, then kill the boss of that stage, then in the next 5-6 days switch to another element dimensions and do the next boss, etc. That’s how I got as deep as I got.

Of course there are other sources of Mahra income as well which include various boxes and events and mini games. So all these things add up and allow free players to gather the Mahra and over time achieve upgrading to gold sylph!

Next step, saving up for 2nd evolution 🙂

Sylph Master Title

Below is my achieved Sylph Master title, which gives a tiny bit of PATK and MATK (+80), but of course it is more the emotional achievement that counts.

sylph master title

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  1. Nice wartune

  2. You forgot that you can now grow mahra on your farm.which in all honestybwould be as high or higher income than dimensions.

    • Hi, you are right. Thanks for sharing. The reason I didn’t mention that is because I achieved gold sylph without any farm mahra, so indeed with that is even easier.

  3. Wouldn’t say it’s 100% free if you have vip. I have vip too, so I know what a huge difference 5dims vs 2 dims does. running advance dimension more easy and such. And that cause a ripple effect, where sky trail is much easier to beat due to higher res.

    Still a great ackomplish, got my first orange last sylph event, also just vip 🙂

    • You are right of course 🙂 – in my case I am playing a long time so I gathered the majority already before Dimensions, but now with Dimensions and Farm mahra income it is even easier

      • Same here. But dimension increased the income so much I would say without it, I would still be 6month away. I had basicly 3-4 adv, rest int dims open at all time. Just wanted to point that out 🙂

  4. U said about gold slyph means hades or apollo. How it free.mahra is free but not these.

    • well mine is gold Hercules, but I actually also have a 1 star purple Gaia which I also got 100% for free via a Sylph exchange event where we could exchange 900 mahra or 900 sepulcrum for these, so ya 🙂

  5. got my gold sylph just thi smornign 100% no vip no nothing playing for about 1year and few months 😀
    and gratz on your gold sylph to !!!
    btw are u still saving soul seals I’ve been wating forever on event for them’?

    • Hi Stjepan! Congratulations to you and your gold sylph! ^^ ya, I am still saving the Soul Seals 🙂 My Soul Mark level is only level 2 and I am amazed that until now we still don’t have an event for it 🙂

  6. I just recently got my gold medusa during the last mahra event and I’m a completely free player. Yeah it did take a while like you said but it does make me feel accomplished. And even ended up refining her to goddess of prosperity! And now with this mahra event coming up I should be able to get a gold gaia.

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