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Getting Free Tyre Seal – Sophisticated Sylph Seals

Hey everyone! In the last event cycle for Sophisticated Sylph Lucky Exchanges I got my first free sylph seal – a Tyre Seal and I thought to write this article discussing this topic with you. There are 2 points I want to discuss:

  1. Is there any strategy or it’s just luck?
  2. Do these seals have any value?

(1) Sylph Seal Strategy or Luck?

Straight away we can all agree that a drop from a chest is luck based. Most probably a certain fixed percentage is assigned to every item in the chest and once sufficient chests are opened, statistically speaking, you get your rare item drop. So if you are opening 1 chest or 10 chests then this is such a small amount of event chests that this will be 100% luck based.

However, what I want to argue is that there is definitely an element of strategy involved as well. While players cannot control the percentage chance of the item, the players can definitely influence the chances by the quantity of event chests. I saw this often in the past before Mount Shop existed. Those players to kept on opening the few mount or wing chests sometimes did get the rare drop but those players who said “oh it’s all BS” and didn’t even try or tried once or twice, naturally, didn’t get anything.

Nowadays we have a similar phenomenon in the casher Clothing and Mount events where free players can get up to 10 free chests. A lot of players skip this saying “oh the chance is so low there is no point to try” but of course if you don’t try then you guarantee that you have zero percent chance.

However, if you do try, you still have a very small chance, but that chance is not zero. On my account I did not get any mounts this way but at least 1 time I got the wings which completed a full set since I had the 3 clothing items from the normal exchange.

So coming back to Sylph Seals, while you do not control the drop rate, you do have many players who quit trying and therefore guarantee for themselves a zero chance and you have players who keep on pushing to get every single chest to get every single extra piece of chance they can master to try to get the rare item drop.

My account was not lucky with Sylph Seals. Until the recent event I planned a lot and exchanged many thousands of chests not getting any seals while I published stories of many other players getting all sorts of Seals. But I did not give up and kept exchanging (because you also get other useful resources such as Advanced Mahra) and finally did get my first Tyre Seal. I was normally going for Odin but I needed some extra damage in Sylph Expedition so figured to go for 1 Thor.

To Conclude on Point 1

Something is only purely luck based if you have no influence on it whatsoever, but with Sylph Seals we do have the ability to plan properly in order to maximize our event chests yield, which we can then exchange to increase our chances.

(2) Are Lucky Exchange Sophisticated Sylph Seals Valuable?

This is actually a very interesting question. The flashy marketing of these seals makes players want to get them, however, they are not as amazing as you may have expected.

  • If you are a weak player and you get an Odin for example – you still remain a weak player. You will hardly feel any difference in your performance compared to your current, upgraded, non-merged sylph.
  • The free sylph seals are “empty”. You will need to fill them up fully with Mahra and Sepulcrum to make them strong.
  • The “empty” versions are very weak. Any upgraded non-merged sylph is stronger than these.
  • Skills are not setup. You will need to slowly setup skills via forgetting or pay high balen costs to buy the good skills.

The main point is that for many players, your current main upgraded non-merged sylph is stronger than these “flashy” sylph seals.

Orange vs. Red

I think Orange versions or 1st Tier Merge versions are totally useless. They are very weak and they cannot be upgraded. You have to gather a huge amount of resources to refine them to Tier 2 Merge for them to start being useful.

The Red versions or 2nd Tier Merge are the very useful sylphs. However, they come as “empty” and it will take you time to gather resources to fill them up. Until you do this they are also very weak – much weaker than your main “normal” sylph.

There is a limit

Having 100 merged sylphs is absolutely useless. In the game we can use up to 3 only. Assuming you want to have the correct tools for every job then you probably need maximum 3 Odins, 1-3 Thors, 1-3 Friggas. More than this has no meaning. This means that once you have what you need then all additional “super rare” drops are actually totally useless. This is very bad game design – short term thinking / planning.

Natural Production

It is also important to note that we have normal income of various resources by simply playing the game every day and doing various daily activities and we have the ability to “cook our own sylphs”. It is quite easy and pretty cheap nowadays to make your own Orange Merge. Tier 2 Merge is naturally more difficult.

To Conclude on Point 2

Don’t get upset if you don’t get a sylph seal drop from Lucky Exchange. If you need it, keep on planning smart to get maximum event chests and keep on exchanging. Worst case you will get all the resources you need to make one yourself. Equally, don’t get super excited if you do get a non-Red seal drop – they are not as impressive in performance as they look.

Tyre Seal COSMOS Wartune Jul 2017

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  1. all about luck,have a friend in game who get thor with 50 boxes,ive tried on odin all the time but nada

  2. got tyre too,with 201 chests

  3. Anyone wanna join my bad luck club 😂 All welcome lol

  4. i got 2 freyas 1 tyre and 2 lokis … but no big sylph ^^

    • you got the best luck then. big sylphs anot are a worth. because they start with 0 sepolcrum and you should use a lot of adv.sepolcrum in more.

      my personal rank: 1st) advanced mergeds , 2ndyour previous sylph sophisticated , 3rd sophisticated mergeds.

  5. What gets me is that there are some people that get 1 or 2 per event, and then others get none using the same amount (give or take a few) of chests. What’s up with that?

  6. Now that they removed Fushion stuff from rave events…This type of event is the fastest way to get Merged Sylph….Luckily I only need Thor and Odin now…Rest is history…

  7. I got Odin last night with 10 boxes was doing it just for fusion chi just to finish my own red odin this 1 will proly be useless for long time

  8. personally i think 1st tier is better to get than 2nd tier cause as you say they both are “empty” and need to get filled but 1st tier only need normal sep which is way easier to get than the adv sep you need to full a 2nd tier and also while you are filling the 1st tier on events you get the chests to exchange for the things you need for refine

  9. Got my Thor only by chance very much before reaching final attempt, and yes it comes “empty” as hell, needed 20k adv sepu to fill, and just killed my other red sylph. now aiming for Odin, rlly need that sylphie. 🙂

  10. Anyone who actually skips the 10 beast/clothing chest exchange because chance to get wings/mount is low is an idiot, the rest of the event items are far more valuable then the normal exchanges.

  11. It it really to merge Red Zeus and Orange Ares into Orange Thor?

  12. I do not think, the advanced merged sylph-drops are better then the not advanced, because of needed material. Normal Sepulcrums are much easier to earn then advanced. For free-players a small fusion sylph gets faster stronger then an advanced one. A small fusion sylph could be as strong as an advanced non-fusion sylph, like ares or so. And has additionally the advantage of better skills then “normal” advanced. additionally it is possibly easier to collect the mats to upgrade the fusion then to collect so much adv. sepulcrums.
    In general, (imho) it is better to try to create a red fusion, but if this possibility is not reachable, a loki seal pearl or freya or tyre is a good starting point to get stronger.

  13. I don’t look at this event as chance to get a sylph but rather “lets get some adv mahra”

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