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Flying Rabbit Eudaemon in Detail

Hey you guys, this is a reference article of details on the Flying Rabbit eudaemon! Check out the unique features of the kid that Elia (me!) is convinced is the scariest-looking.

Flying Rabbit Pictures, Info

Personally, I think she looks like something out of a nightmare, but the intention was for her to be a cute eudaemon? From the gear you can tell she’s a magical/MATK eudaemon, even though the skill descriptions don’t explicitly say magical damage. Probably the most unique feature of the Flying Rabbit, is that she appears to be the only eudaemon with the ability to purify your (see Delphic skills). Though I don’t her skills are otherwise that special, considering how bad the debuffs are from knighthood skills, a very (VERY) sturdy one could potentially be useful save your team from some debuff/chaos woes. My overall assessment is still to just build one up for Eudaemon Patrol and call it a day.


You can get her like any other kid / Eudaemon by getting a card via summon or events:

FlyingRabbitCard FlyingRabbitIcon

She looks much more relaxed about her duties as a helper to a great hero than the other kids do…


But in battle she has some bouncy moments.


Despite my wishes for a chubby, adorable bunny (or panda…) with wings, she flies via broom!


Flying Rabbit Eudaemon Skills


Eldritch Fire


[Attack Priority Players]
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Level 1 – Deals 120% damage to a random enemy. Players are first priority targets
Level 2 – Deals 125% damage to a random enemy. Players are first priority targets



[Single Front Row*]
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Level 1 – Deals 110% damage to enemies in the front row
Level 2 – Deals 115% damage to enemies in the front row

*Bracketed text is correct, tested the skill and it is a single front row target, not “enemies in the front row,” as the description claims.



[Single Target]
Cooldown: 25 seconds
Level 1 – Deals 120% damage to a enemy with the lowest HP, increases crit rate by 10% for 1 turn
Level 2 – Deals 125% damage to a enemy with the lowest HP, increases crit rate by 15% for 1 turn
Level 3 – Deals 130% damage to a enemy with the lowest HP, increases crit rate by 20% for 1 turn
Level 4 – Deals 135% damage to a enemy with the lowest HP, increases crit rate by 25% for 1 turn

Witch’s Wrath


[Tw0 Random Targets]
Cooldown: 35 seconds
Level 1 – Deals 120% damage randomly twice
Level 2 – Deals 125% damage randomly twice

Ghost Dance


[Random 2-3]
Cooldown: 35 seconds
Level 1 – Deals 100% damage to 2-3 random enemies
Level 2 – Deals 105% damage to 2-3 random enemies



Cooldown: 40 seconds
Level 1 – Deals 125% damage to the whole enemy group
Level 2 – Deals 130% damage to the whole enemy group

Delphic Sorcerer Chant


[Attack Priority Players*]
Cooldown: 0 seconds
Level 1 – Use Delphic Sorcerer Chant on a party member (players are first priority targets), to remove a negative buff from it, and generate a shield that absorbs damage equal to 5% Max HP, lasts 1 turn
Level 2 – Shield that absorbs damage equal to 8% Max HP, lasts 1 turn
Level 3 – Shield that absorbs damage equal to 11% Max HP, lasts 1 tun

*It really means Buff Priority Players, as you don’t attack your own team with a purification

Delphic Sorcerer Blessing


[Random 1-2, 2-3, (3/All?)*]
Cooldown: 0 seconds
Level 1 – Use Delphic Sorcerer Blessing to remove a negative buff from 1-2 party members
Level 2 – Remove a negative buff from 1-2 party members
Level 3 – Remove a negative buff from 2-3 party members
Level 4 – Remove a negative buff from 2-3 party members

*Curiosity got the best of me with this one and I leveled it a bunch just to see how it would change. Didn’t have enough books to get level 5, but I suspect it’s either 3 or all party members. The most efficient level is clearly level 3 or none at all.


Celestial Energy


Level 1 – Ignores 5% of target’s MDEF with each attack
Level 2 – Ignores 8% of target’s MDEF with each attack

Clear Head


Level 1 – Decreases chance to become confused by 15%.
Level 2 – Decreases chance to become confused by 20%.

It’s hard to test what exactly “confused” means, but my guess is that it lowers the chance of being stunned, since the chance of a eudaemon being chaosed is already very low and seemingly pointless to have a passive protecting against it

Get Talking!

So there’s everything we have on the Flying Rabbit. If you have info on the later skill levels, please share the love and contribute it 🙂
Like / Share / Post your opinion about this kid in the comments below!

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  1. not very impressive Elia

    • Lol rather underwhelming, I agree

  2. in respect to 1st or 2nd lot eudaemon

  3. on one of my 2 mil br toons i have a flying rabbit lvl 9 with 1.3 mil br and level 4 skills it is an ok eudomon but i like some of the other eudomon ones better i can post a pic later when i go back to that account if u want

    • Pics of the skills would be great, thanks 🙂

  4. my biggest toon my 3 mil br mage i have one of each eudomon lvl 8 and above with level 4 skills been trying to decide witch ones are better where

  5. by confused I think they mean the effects of chaos rune

    • Maybe so, but how often is a kid chaosed in the first place lol. Very few circumstances.

      • You can hit your own kid with your own chaos. I have done it more than a few times. Your enemy gets chaos off before you do and you end up chaosing your kid.

      • I believe, Elia is right about the stun reduction matter, since the circle above your head when stunned is a sign of confusion. If it is the chaos, the effect would be insignificant since what was just described is 1 of only 2 ways to get euda chaos, and both ways are rare(the other one is dark sylph passive)

      • Imay be wrong but I think both stun and chaos is a state of confusion and I inadvertantly chaos my eud. all the time in bg.

  6. I’m a noob. The no cooldown for delphics, is that good?

    • It only says 0 seconds because delphic cooldowns are dependent on your eudaemon’s rage bar (it’s yellow). Once it’s filled then you can use the delphic.

  7. I would say not impressive… female archer does a lot more damage any day. If you were facing a magic immune enemy though, i think this is the one that does the most dmg (including aoe). The male mage has thunderer, but besides that not much for attack. Blood warrior is meh, and female mage is awful.

    • Huh ? there is a difference between Male and Female Mage??? You sure???

      • He/she’s talking about the male and female Eudaemons, and yes they do differ.

  8. o saw a big difference between all eudemons’ ptk or mtk when you carry them. for instance male mage differ low while female mage differ high. th male warrior is the same as vell. what is the reason of it. when ı carry the same lvl female eudamon her attack arise a lot while male mage’s arises low. to say briefly 9 lvl female mage’s atack is higher than 10 lvl male mage when carried. ı’m confused. ı have archer char.

  9. is frost panther lord or wind ripper good for me? ı have archer. or which eudamon is best for me anyway?

    • Each Eudaemon has it’s purpose and therefore there is no such thing as which one is the best, but which one is the best in each specific situation (e.g. Wind for DI)

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