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How to Fix the Soul Eater F***ing Sound

Hey everyone! This is a short post to help players annoyed by the horrible sound of the Soul Eater skill which comes out even if you have turned off all sound in the game. This is naturally some kind of an error in Wartune’s programming and did occur before as well randomly, but is very clear with the darn Soul Eater Dragonchant skill.

I also thank my guild mate Filemon for sharing this tip.

How to turn off the Soul Eater F***ing Sound

I assume you are already playing Wartune in a different clean browser. If you are not then this is an additional useful tip for you. Doing this helps the game run smoother and can reduce lag as all the fancy addons of browsers can slow things down. Any clean browser will do, but I suggest to try Nitro or Opera as less familiar, but well performing, options.

OK, so:

Step 1:

On the right bottom of your Task Bar you should have a Sound icon. Right click on that and you should see:

Step 2:

Click on the Volume Mixer (top option). This will open all the things which can produce sound on your computer.

Step 3:

On the picture above Wartune is running on Chrome, so click on the sound icon to mute the sound completely. This will force any sound coming from that browser to be OFF.

That’s all, hope this helps you both in fixing this Wartune problem and learning a little bit more about your computer 🙂

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  1. On chrome and maxthon, not sure about others, you can right click the game tab and click mute sound as well and it will stop the sound

    • Correction, on maxthon, there is a sound icon in the tab and you just click on that to mute the whole tab.

  2. i got some weird sound when in Dragon chant battle…wooo…woooo….wooo…some teleporting hyperspace kinda sound ^^

  3. can you make a viedeo which best set is best for dragon mean talisman, ty lot

  4. i simply click mute sound on computer every time i play wartune lol.

  5. R2 is only thing i have to wish to that idiots. Second day i cant take reward for 1000 holy forge. I have picture, but i see you not updated this comment spot, with possibility to upload picture in comment to see all what message is when i try to collect! Maybe in 2070, if not in 2017.

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