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Eudaemon Difference Analysis by Equipment Type

Hey guys, in this analysis I compare Eudaemon differences based on Equipment Type to show you clearly to which aspect Eudaemons belong to from this analysis angle.

For this we will follow a 3 step approach:

  1. Gathering and displaying for you the base attribute type data.
  2. Consolidating the base data into 3 categories or aspects: Attack, Defense and Health.
  3. Visualizing for you using charts to see clearly the Eudaemon grouping per aspect/category.

All Eudaemons have 8 equipment pieces and each piece has only 1 attribute type. The main 4 pieces (Weapon, Armor, Brooch and Headgear) are most of the type using similar attributes with the exception of Frost Panther Lord who has 2 times PDEF on the main 4 equipment rather than 1 PDEF and 1 MDEF (not sure if this is a mistake by devs or not).

The main differences therefore come from the 2 rings and 2 jewelry pieces and so to begin I have gathered all the information in Table 1 / Step 1 below:

Table 1: Step 1: All Eudaemon Equipment Slot Types

Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5 + 6 Slot 7 + 8
Tier Eudaemon Type Weapon Armor Brooch Headgear Rings Jewelry
Tier 1 Sacred Knight PATK PDEF HP MDEF PDEF Block
Tier 1 Sanctuary Hunter PATK PDEF HP MDEF HP Critical
Tier 2 Blood Warrior MATK PDEF HP MDEF MDEF Block
Tier 2 Scourge Mage MATK PDEF HP MDEF Critical MATK
Tier 3 Frost Panther Lord PATK PDEF HP PDEF MDEF PATK
Tier 3 Flying Rabbit MATK PDEF HP MDEF Critical MATK
Tier 3 Frost Dwarf PATK PDEF HP MDEF PDEF Block
Tier 3 Blood Demon MATK PDEF HP MDEF Critical MATK

Table 2: Step 2: Attribute Count by Equipment Type

As the aim of the analysis is to discover and show the differences between Eudaemons from this analysis angle, I now consolidate all the attributes under 3 categories or aspects: Attack, Defense and Health, so we can see towards which aspect each Eudaemon leans to.

Tier Eudaemon Type Attack* Defense* HP
Tier 1 Battle Oracle 2 3 1
Tier 1 Sacred Knight 1 4 1
Tier 1 Sanctuary Hunter 2 2 2
Tier 2 Blood Warrior 1 4 1
Tier 2 Wind Ranger 2 3 1
Tier 2 Scourge Mage 3 2 1
Tier 3 Frost Panther Lord 2 3 1
Tier 3 Flying Rabbit 3 2 1
Tier 3 Frost Dwarf 1 4 1
Tier 3 Blood Demon 3 2 1

Notes for Table 2:

  • Attack includes Critical as those attributes have 1 goal – to increase damage done.
  • Defense includes PDEF and MDEF, but also Block, as all those attributes reduce damage received.

Visualization: Eudaemon Difference Charts by Equipment Type

In this final step I show you 2 charts to visualize the Eudaemon differences for Attack and Defense based on EQ type where I have sorted from the best to the worst (top to bottom). I did not make a chart for Health (HP) because they all have a score of 1 with the exception of Sanctuary Hunter who, perhaps strangely, has double the emphasis on HP.

Comparison Chart for Attack by EQT:

In this category the top 3 focused on Offense or Attack are Blood Demon, Flying Rabbit and Scourge Mage. One would expect perhaps Sanctuary Hunter to be in the top grouping as well but in this analysis angle it is not because it has more HP equipment instead of Offense.

The least offensive (bottom 3) are Frost Dwarf, Blood Warrior and Sacred Knight.

Eudaemon Analysis Equipment Type - Attack

Comparison Chart for Defense by EQT:

Those who are at the bottom of Offense are strong in this category focused on Defense / receiving less damage. One exception is Sanctuary Hunter who is also on the bottom here with the attackers because it has more HP score.

Eudaemon Analysis Equipment Type - Defense

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Final Conclusions for this Eudaemon EQT Analysis

Those looking for an offensive Eudaemon can have a look at the 3 winners here (Blood Demon, Flying Rabbit and Scourge Mage) but also add to that consideration Sanctuary Hunter even though in this specific analysis it scored lower, but remember that skills also matter very much and SH has very offensive skills. If starting from zero consider Blood Demon as it has given many indications to be a long term favorite Eudaemon due to its multiple abilities / purposes.

If you are looking for a tough cookie to absorb damage the top 3 winners here are Frost Dwarf, Blood Warrior and Sacred Knight. However, again, consider also their skills where Sacred Knight has 2 shields, but the other 2 can heal themselves. BW is also more suited for 1 on 1 fighting.

Although Battle Oracle did not appear on top of any list in this specific analysis, it can also be considered in the tough cookie category if you can make it strong enough to be able to take a few hits, because then it can become invincible with 2 big heals.

Finally remember that Eudaemons, like Sylphs, are tools. Use the best one for the job. The hard part is when you don’t have enough resources to invest in multiple Eudaemons, which is often the case in Wartune with most players and this is when you have to make a choice which one to invest in the most.

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  1. Thank, nice post!
    Yea, i know that Oracle is not in top 3( attack wise or defence wise) but somehow i use it the most. It can heal, + damnation, its nice in almost every situation.
    Thanks again for this info

    • Yep many of us share love for Battle Oracle 🙂
      Thanks for sharing

  2. nicee post , thank you very much .
    resoources is the problem as u said , wish i started geme y investing in blood demon but what is done is done
    i use sanctry hunter as main ,oracle as sub till i max it then i’ll switch it to main
    wanted to ask if eud’s syplp affect on it’s (defend, atack and hp) or only attack ? bcs if only attack then maybe i should only invest in sylph equip attack only 🙂
    love dolygames ♥ my favourit and only guide :)) keep the good work .

    • Hi Manar, thank you 🙂
      About your question, it affects all stats. Try this, open the Eudaemon window and give it a second to load you will see the Eudaemon stats on the right side. Then, while keeping this window open, change to a very weak sylph (like a white one) from the top left side and you should be able to see the stats change.
      Best of luck,

      • More accurately, you can see how much sunto heals your kid before and after put on a sylph.

  3. Dolygames could you take a look in this chinese wartune version? Its Wartune 4 International (神曲4) and seems to be the same as here but some versions ahead. Should be nice the news about what is upcoming in new patches.

  4. The SH seems to be the only balanced Eudaemon while others are either attack focused or defense focused , i picked SH when they first released the Eudaemons and she is pretty strong , couple her with battle orcale and they are a beastly pair. Thanks to the Dolygames team for this information though , it will really help people when they are deciding what eudaemon to awaken

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