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Eudaemon Base Stats Analysis (Level 12 Max)

Hey guys, in this analysis post we look into and compare the base stats of all Eudaemons to see if we can find any interesting things.

As a small reminder for newer players, Eudaemon base stats are a percentage of our main characters and the more we level them up the higher % they inherit.

Attack Comparison

The attack base stat ranges from 87% to 91% among all Eudaemons at the level 12 (max). I would say that this range of 4% is very small and it indicates that looking from the base stats point of view there is no big difference in what Eudaemon you choose to play with. However, it is important to point out that this 4% does accumulate on top of skill damage %, so it will end up with a bigger effect than it looks to be.

Blood Demon leads the pack with a 91% Attack with Tier 1 Eudaemons at the bottom, as expected, at 87%.

Eudaemon Base Stats Analysis - Attack

Tier Eudaemon Type Attack
Tier 1 Battle Oracle 87%
Tier 1 Sacred Knight 87%
Tier 1 Sanctuary Hunter 87%
Tier 2 Blood Warrior 87%
Tier 2 Wind Ranger 87%
Tier 2 Scourge Mage 87%
Tier 3 Frost Panther Lord 88%
Tier 3 Flying Rabbit 89%
Tier 3 Frost Dwarf 90%
Tier 3 Blood Demon 91%

Defense Comparison

The Defense base stats range from 89% to 93% among all Eudaemons at the level 12 (max). This is also a 4% range like the Attack. Tier 1 and Tier 2 Eudaemons have identical 89% PDEF and MDEF for base stats while the Tier 3 Eudaemons vary with Blood Demon being the best at MDEF and Frost Dwarf being the best at PDEF.

Eudaemon Base Stats Analysis - Defense

Tier Eudaemon Type PDEF MDEF
Tier 1 Battle Oracle 89% 89%
Tier 1 Sacred Knight 89% 89%
Tier 1 Sanctuary Hunter 89% 89%
Tier 2 Blood Warrior 89% 89%
Tier 2 Wind Ranger 89% 89%
Tier 2 Scourge Mage 89% 89%
Tier 3 Frost Panther Lord 90% 89%
Tier 3 Flying Rabbit 89% 91%
Tier 3 Frost Dwarf 91% 90%
Tier 3 Blood Demon 89% 93%

Health Comparison

The Health base stat ranges from 88% to 92% among all Eudaemons at the level 12 (max) – again a 4% range. Tier 1 and 2 Eudaemons are at the bottom with 88% and Tier 3, as expected, are at the top with Blood Demon at #1 with 92%. However, I would say that this small range is completely negligible for health, because if your main character has say 4 mil health then the difference between 88% and 92% is 3.520.000 HP and 3.680.000 HP – a 160.000 HP difference. This amount, of course, is not significant when players do damage in millions or several hundreds of K.

Eudaemon Base Stats Analysis - Health

Tier Eudaemon Type HP
Tier 1 Battle Oracle 88%
Tier 1 Sacred Knight 88%
Tier 1 Sanctuary Hunter 88%
Tier 2 Blood Warrior 88%
Tier 2 Wind Ranger 88%
Tier 2 Scourge Mage 88%
Tier 3 Frost Panther Lord 89%
Tier 3 Flying Rabbit 90%
Tier 3 Frost Dwarf 91%
Tier 3 Blood Demon 92%

Eudaemon Base Stats Analysis Conclusions

While base stats are important we see that the range of differences between Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Eudaemons are not very significant. I would say it is more of a difference when it comes to the Attack stat because it adds up with the percentages of skill damage, but even then we don’t often select Eudaemons for their damage output, but rather for a specific purpose like buffing or absorbing damage or a special skill that they may have.

Generally this base stat comparison / analysis does show a small advantage for Blood Demon Eudaemon and its skills are also pretty good, so it might be an indication that we target to switch to Blood Demon for the long term (assuming no new kids are added in a future Wartune patch).

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  1. in these analysis miss the skills . and that can change all the your analisis

    • not missing anything, this is an analysis of base stats only as it says both in the title and in the article

      • i’ve read the title but the article is uncomplete.

        when we do an analysys, we do all analysis on that you stay checking. not have sense post your comments on half ideas. you bring the players to learn wrost of that them not know.

        idea of analysis is good but if you do it to half , was better not do it.

        lastly your posts miss of professionality , but i believe in you that you can do better because i know the your value.

        please, do a full analysis on eudaemons + on sub-eudaemons , so we can have ideas more clear on each eudaemons and sub-eudaemons . a lot of mine guilders ask to me which eudaemon and sub-eudaemon they will must use and i not have an usefull link that explain which benefits give each eudaemons/sub-eudaemons and why we should use them. each player have the his build and the my could not work with the mine guilders and maybe they prefer another 1 build but are still confused.

        • hi karrygun, i cannot write a 500 pages article for many reasons
          this specific analysis is focused on base stats only
          yes there is a lot more to talk about Eudaemons and we have many articles on Eudaemons to cover many things about them and will probably write even more articles on them in the future
          that does not mean that this article is incomplete or unprofessional as you said

        • Your guildie asking or your alt asking? If player cant use their brain to think which is better, then dont bother advising. It will go on left ear and come out on the right ear.

          I remembered there was posting on each individual euda previously. This posting is merely to tell the diff between the stat inherited by the respective euda, since obviously player like you cant comprehend to read and make your own conclusion.

    • when building your toon you also have to know what resistance works best for max. damage and max defense

  2. love how the axes are truncated, and give the misleading information

    • if you are confused about something you are welcome to ask a question, otherwise there is no misleading information at all in this article nor is there any motivation existing to cheat you for no reason at all

      • Your article is a good summary of the base stats for the Eudaemons, however the graphs are misleading. If you look at your first graph on atk, the length of the bar makes it appear that the blood demons atk is about 3-4 times greater than the atks of the tier 1 Eudaemons, whereas the actual difference is small (91% vs 87%). The tables you present are a much better summary of the data (although not quite as pretty).

  3. nice! thanks for giving info i did not have.

    • 🙂

  4. yes, ty for giving another useless info. a waste of time to read this.

    you could bring it to the point in one sentence, no need to make a big post like that.

    but as often, useless statistic, much bla bla to sound important.

    and yes, it is misleading if 1% makes the bar 50% bigger.

    • useless statistics? if he only made the post saying hey blood demon has the higher stats followed by 3 tier and tier 1 and 2 have same %” people would ask why thats not useless statistics as you claim and i mean if you dont want to read that you can only read the introduction and the conclussion

    • If you think it is a useless info, then why bother reading it and actually typing your comment. Just skip it and move on. If you think you can do better, then start your own posting.

  5. thank you so much Dolygames , you are a real help , don’t listen to silly ppl who don’t like the article
    i loved it
    thank a bunch for the info , t means blood demon is the strongest eud in game ?
    well it makes sense since it’s very hard to get

    • Thanks Manar 🙂
      Blood Demon does have many strengths and from stats and skills can definitely be the best Eudaemon in multiple situations, however if you for example need a healer/buffer than Battle Oracle would be the best for that, so as discussed skills are of course also very important, here we looked just on the base stat differences

      • Blood demon is for those who wanted more fake br to be added to their main toon. On the plus side, it does have skill that you can actually use to help your main toon in both player vs player and those dungeon (mpd, di, bi, etc)

  6. This explains why Blood Daemon has to be treated as Tier 4 eudaemon.

  7. Agreed Nozilan. Another factor which I think a lot of people are missing with eudaemons is the power of passives above lv5, rushing to level active skills and not seeing how strong lv6+ passive effects can be

  8. Hi guys, thanks for this post.
    I’m trying to understand one thing: if he gets % of my attack, and that % is lower than 100% how my lvl8 kid have more attack than me? Never understand that can you explain?
    And sorry for bad english, not my native

    • hi, it is because he gets the stats from the sylph that you gave him
      i also have a lowbie account where i have the same situation where the Eudaemons hits harder than the main character

      • Thanks for explanation Cosmos

        • Sole reason why your main char hits harder, even having less damage, is Astrals.

  9. The data is interesting, but I don’t understand your graphics. Why is every 1% more in attack/hp a 50% increase on the graph? You know the representation is supposed to be proportional if you use percentages, right?

    I guess you do know that, but you’re clickbaiting, since now that I think about it the main reason I clicked on this article to begin with was that graph.

    Well done, you’re getting better at trying to make money with this, I see that you’ve put Adsense recently to, it was about time 🙂

  10. A very good Base stats analysis, good work cosmos.

    • thanks sam 🙂

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