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Eternal War First Guide and Introduction

Hey guys, in this post we share with you the first guide and introduction to Eternal War in Wartune (big thanks to Andrew!). Please bear in mind that this is based on Russian Wartune and therefore could differ compared to the Western Wartune.

Eternal War Registration

To participate in this event, you need to register. Registration cost is 2m gold and requires 1.2m cumulative BR.


Before the first round all participants are divided to leagues, according to their BR. Top 10 go to Diamond League, next 10 to Gold league, then Silver and all other fall into the Iron league.

Timing and Rounds

  • The event takes place on Sunday 20:00-20:45.
  • First 3 rounds are preliminaries, and 4th is the final.
  • Each round consists of 9 battles (so, 5 minutes per battle).
  • Battles are very similar to Titan Wars; the only difference is that TW is 4×4 and Ethernal war is 2×2.
  • After each round two players with highest rating advance one group and two with lowest descent one group. So, 9 and 10 of diamond go to the gold and 1 and 2 from gold go to diamond.

Balen Buff

Before the battle you can buy a balen buff (+5% per level, affect each person in couple).

Eternal War Points

After each battle you get points. Points are different in each league. In iron league it was 100 for loss and 300 for win. Your rank is based on these points.

After a final round I get additional 800 crystals (Iron league), Top 3 couples from diamond group are said to get rose bouquets (9999, 999 and 99 respectively).


Eternal Crystals

After each round you get some eternal crystals. In iron league I was gaining 400 or 440 (I think it was based on ranking).

Diamond group players were getting 1000, gold 800, and for silver I suppose 600.


Wagers and Bowing

On final round you can bet on the 6th place (It says 7 in our version, but this is a bug).

After the final round we can bow to the winning couple to get 240k gold and 240k EXP.

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  1. This event is for married couples only right ? just wondering because there was no mention of this as far as who can participate.

  2. I’m also wondering if it is only for couples, and if it is a server event or cross server event.

    • Cross-server, obviously.
      And it is for couples, but there are some issues with that. You were supposed to create a team with your spouse to register, but some players, whose spouse quit (and they do not have access to the char) just go and register all by them-self. This is strange and only one event has been held, so we need to check it when new round come.

  3. where is the registration?

    • It’s in the event list obviously like Titan war

  4. Funny event without any timerwins 😀 but you have to wait long to get in the next fight 😉

  5. I see the announcement that it’s started each week, but me and my girlfriend can’t find out how to register to partisipate. Is this just an R2 thing or is it avalible to the bunch?

    • That announcement is not supposed to be there but I guess they are not smart enough to remove it. As of right now, there is no way to register for it yet.

  6. registration will be same as is for titan wars icon will show up on screan wehn we will be avaible to registried

    • Commentа а когда начнется эта битва люди

    • Comment

  7. what happen if my spouse not active for months? how can I register?

    • You can’t.
      You would have to pay money for divorce and pay money to marry a new spouse or convince your existing spouse to play again or give you account.

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