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Eliatan Reaches 5 Million BR

Hey you guys, just wanted to share a little character milestone video of my dear mage hitting 5 million BR! This was an exciting and surprising character development for me, since I thought for sure I would have caved to buying a merged sylph before hitting the 5 million.

I got to this point largely from a ton of holy forge BR. A small warning to folks that want to red forge (forging moons) their Halidom or Artifact — though the game lists the cost as x10 Vulcan Stithy and x30 Vulcan Clamp, it actually deducts x15 Vulcan Stithy and x45 Vulcan Clamp. Previously I thought it was better to red forge the Halidom before doing the helm, but it turns out the return on the helm is better.

Check out the moment I hit 5 million BR in the video below!

VIDEO: Wartune Character Milestone – Eliatan Reaches 5 Million BR

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  1. congrats Eliatan! btw, i love this blog, thanks for all info you share with us 🙂

    • Thanks :*

  2. with cash (i guess eliatan spent $3k per month)
    its easy….

    • Why do u have to comment on the cash part. It’s so annoying. If people want to spent let them. Gz on the big achievement elia, keep up the good work 🙂

      • Thanks Zone 🙂

        And you guys, it’s a simple fact people will make comments that try to devalue other people’s progress. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big cash, medium cash, or zero cash player. I did that post about Maeybe and half the comments are just trying to say she’s lying about being a free player etc. Can’t win ’em all over 🙂

    • Not even remotely close to the amount she cashes. She could easily buy all three merge slyphs in a single month; and yet shes hesitant to buy a single one because “it’s a high cost investment”.

      That all aside, its pretty much impossible to tell how much anyone cashes… but seriously… 3k a month?

      • well I’m playing the german wartune, and I know someone, who has left our guild and spent every month 2,5k euro and have 400k br less than eliatan.

  3. Why do people comment on cashers? Because it is not hard to be a top player in any game if you spend enough. If you are a big casher, your ability to play the game comes into question. It is not easy to determine if a player is strong because of how they have played or purely because of their walllet size. Unfortunately the days of paying a minimal monthly fee and NO purchases within the game is gone or close to gone. It used to be the best PLAYERS were always at the top of the leader board…now, it is the richest that top those boards?

    • People who complain abt others cashing are quite frankly vibe killers:/:|

  4. Whats with the cows on this video?

    • Gold storage 🙂

  5. he has maybe a good wartune char but i have a good life and a family ……HE NOT

    • Thanks for your insightful comment.

  6. Gratz!The better for you
    I only wished they would refine the BR system to make it more solid and pure

    • Thanks! I think the BR calculations really need some adjustment. At the moment it’s all about sylph/HP BR and I think it’s really a poor reflection of who’s actually going to win a fight.

  7. grats Elia, nd wht if she does cash?? If u have any issue don’t read her posts. I knw I have been a jerk on the game with u sry abt tht nd u deserve praises; good work as ever

    • Thanks 🙂

    • LMOA bro =))

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