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6.37 million BR Archer – Wartune China

Hey guys, here a short post to share with you a high BR / stats player (6.37m BR) from Wartune China, thanks to Ezio. This post is not about his ranking (although this is a top player) but about the stats he has which you can compare with our current best players in the Western Wartune version. So let’s jump into it:

Let’s look at the 4 highlighted stats:

  • PATK: 812,994
  • PDEF: 727,749
  • MDEF: 756,020
  • HP: 3,455,414

So pretty significant stuff as you can see. Hits like a truck, especially if you consider the big sylph delphics of 500%-800%.

And just for reference this is the top sylph, which has 636,186 BR:

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  1. he has maybe a good archer but i have a good life and a family ……HE NOT

    • How do you know that? Do you know him in person? Judgemental ass

      • if the player in screenshot has much money to spend on game i would think he has good life. so dont judge

      • he has a good life? spending his whole life in a game is good? omg come on, the life is not only wartune xD

      • maybe he is a company owner, which generate ton of money per month? so he have very much time, YOLO. spend money because everyone has a short lifetime.

  2. now they have orange equipment

    • that equipment is the black one

      • black equipment is the next one after red quality equipment?

      • ya i think it is called black gold, you can make a search on this website for articles about that

  3. wow, lol

  4. Strife maxed for class wars was almost that big. Is BR calculated that different?

    • Think in cw it adds the br of your 2 sidekick sylphs as well or something.

    • Ignore my comment above xD

    • is the eudaemon br, cause they dont have too much br on their kids, while here most of our br is from the eudaemon, i think that their kids are barelly over a million while the top kids have 4 million for us

  5. Well I am on server with archer in European split 1 with 2 odin, 1 frigga, 1 thor and was at 6.6 during CW Finals…checkout kelbeans cw finals 2015 November 2015.

    • it seems they have a different BR calculation where they do not have our inflated BR numbers from kids, so instead of looking at BR compare the stats which i wrote like attack, defense and HP and you should be able to see a huge difference

      • Was wondering why br seem so low compared to stats. So with our broken kids calc his br would be ~10mil.

      • lol he got blesed p with dried blessing no one ever can get 800k atk def and mad for 63k and as u observe there is drastic change in only to his atk , def, mdef,matk and his hp a archer had 200k matk can one one explain how he could get if am wrong he is good coz he had 6.3M br but he jsut had dried blessing

  6. May i make a request of you?
    Can you do a new “investigation” of crit?

    The higher ups now a days only manage to get to something like 10% of their attack as crit, can will destroyer build become more viable at this stage? or have they changed the crit rating needed? because the old ~20% of ur ATK in crit really isnt working.

    I believe crit is 50% increased damage + 50% more with astral vs steady 50% on will destroyer (at max enhance 50%+60% vs 60%) which means under 50% crit rate will destroyer is better, earlier actually since you gain lots of extra gems and astral slots.

    • Hi, it is immensely difficult to make a proper test on crit, but there is no way that your comment about higher up players having only 10% crit is accurate – that is simply not true at all unless they removed all their crit stats.
      Unless there are great changes in the game will destroyer will never come back because huge crit damage by sylphs is something nobody will want to give up.

      • Actually its way less then 10%, look at the stats of the guy u just posted (crit is rating is just below MDEF) he has 22k crit rating to his 728k ATK, thats is 1/33 of his ATK (or 3%)

      • Oh and i’ve inspected all the top players in my server cluster and they all have about 20k crit rating, meaning they have all abandoned crit stat.

      • ah sorry i think i misunderstood you, you meant 10% out of attack, i thought, for some reason, critting 10% of the time. Ya I have also seen a lot of people not putting much effort on the crit stat as they see that they are critting, so they think why should they add more. I have also reduced my crit stat and I am happy with how much i crit. Also important to note that the 20% rule was never proved to be a fact, if i am not wrong it was just a rough conclusion based on a test, but at least it was a rough guideline for players.
        It is very difficult to test crit because we don’t have the ability to switch easily between low / medium / high compared to our attack. For example my attack is just above 220k i think so to test i need to be able to have crits of zero, 20k, 40k, etc, up until say 100% of attack even, but i don’t have the ability to get the crit to those levels.

  7. lol he got blesed p with dried blessing no one ever can get 800k atk def and mad for 63k and as u observe there is drastic change in only to his atk , def, mdef,matk and his hp a archer had 200k matk can one one explain how he could get if am wrong he is good coz he had 6.3M br but he jsut had dried blessing

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