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Eliatan Mage Character Overview (Oct. 2014)

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, I’ve been asked for a toon overview by several people and I realized I haven’t done a thorough one on the blog in awhile, so here it is!

Overall Profile, Gems, Clothing Refinement

These are my stats with Hercules on. My battle rating with Gaia called is very similar, and for stats just drop my MATK and increase the PDEF here.

For gems I really like how they are now, but I don’t know if in the future I’ll want a different balance. There’s also eventually a way to combine gems to have two stats in one, so I might be able to have 8 of each of these stats.


I mostly have all this dark resistance because of Class Wars. Should my guild face a guild in CSGB that has a lot of strong Hercules/Athena users, I may bother to spend the gold to adjust the balance a bit, but for now I don’t really see the need.

Sylphs and Sylph Arena

As soon as I’m able to get divinity shards, I’ll definitely do a refinement video for Apollo to Athena, and then the fire and water pets as well!

Medusa has been a great addition to my Sylph Arena team so far, and my plan is to put all my sylph resources into her for now. Whispering Wind is definitely a skill I’d recommend to anyone who wants to make Medusa as a team support sylph. I have my Gaia and Hercules wait to use their delphics until later so that Medusa has a chance to buff the team with 30% damage increase 🙂


For a very long time I’ve liked to emphasize my percentage astrals more than my BR (red) astrals. There are two main reasons why I like percentage astrals, particularly the tanking percentage astrals (Illusion, Enhanced Guardian Angel, Deflection, and Regeneration — think about what knights are good at and you’ll see why I like to call them tanking astrals):

  1. The practical reason why I like percentage astrals is that their worth increases with the strength of my opponents. So though they might not really matter against someone I have more than 50k+ BR on, against people in my BR range, the value of reducing damage, dodging, and preventing crits only increases, where as the benefits of 2-3k of each defense become less obvious.
  2. The other reason I like them is that I think the chance astrals are very much so “in the spirit of Wartune.” Wartune loves to have all these luck-based skills and items, so I enjoy embracing that by having a build that basically increases my chances to win a fight in a really ridiculous manner.

All that said, I don’t necessarily encourage people to follow this build. For one thing, I usually have PDEF and MDEF astrals saved to switch with Guardian Angel during certain PvE instances. Also, defenses are still quite important, so at lower battle ratings, for sure you’ll want defense over the percentage astrals.


This will be maxed out at the next whip event, which is exciting yet worrisome at the same time. With a maxed out mount, I’m not totally sure how I can maintain a high gem income without cash 🙁

Bags and Guild Vault

For the first time since I started moving a lot of items to my mailbox, all of my items are somewhere in my bags or vault!

I have all those orange maps because when they do those smaller Big Spender events, I like to buy 5 orange maps (5×120 balens = 600 balens) and then do a fully buffed World Boss (400 balens), to get the first prize for 1k balens, and then I just use those maps over a week or so depending on how many days they do the Big Spender.

Overview Video

And here’s the video 🙂

Note: If I miss something you want to know or see, please comment and I’ll edit it in. That said, no matter how many times I’m asked, I will not disclose exactly how much I’ve spent. I’ve seen how some other big cashers are treated when they disclose their numbers, and I don’t appreciate it. I’ll leave it to people’s educated or not educated guesses (no, stop thinking 6 digits, haven’t gone anywhere near there).

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