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Dwarven Silver Shop ANALYSIS

Hey everyone! In this post I share with you my analysis & recommendations for the Dwarven Silver Shop, the new shop inside Guild Shop added in Wartune Patch 8.3

In the table below I am listing all the items in the Dwarven Silver Shop currently on offer, adding their icons and and their prices. Finally in the last column I am giving my comment / explanation for each item and my recommendation using a red, orange, green light system.

TABLE: Dwarven Silver Shop & Analysis

Item Icon Price in Dwarven Silver Comment
Magical Moonlight or Glint of Magic 20 No point to buy this. Far too expensive and better / easier to get them via Offerings.
Smelting Stone 60 If you need 5000 to level up this would cost 300k. Way too expensive.
Clothing Refinement Stone 60 To do 1 day of event you’d need 200 which would cost 12k. Not really doable.
Will Gear 50 No point at all. Do your daily Endless Abyss.
Willpower Talent Stone 100 Need 250 to level up, so that would cost 25k. Although it’s bad, let’s call this “maybe“.
Sylph Soul Orb or Polishing Orb 80 Similar cost/conclusion as Talent stones above. “maybe
Breakthrough Orb 120 This is expensive but we have very limited ways to get these, so we call this “OK“.
Charge Fragment 10 These we need in very large quantities. Every little bit helps but i’d get this as a last resort. So a “red maybe“.
Henna 2 No point for “real” buying, but 1 piece per day is very good for devotion.
Advanced Henna 15 If we use 10,000 per day for event quantity this would cost 150k. Too expensive.
Cast Stones 100 This is very expensive cost per piece as we need large quantities of Cast Stones, but this is a useful item so a “red maybe“.
Wraithstone 60 I would not consider this item for the main reason that there is a fixed amount of them needed until the feature is maxed out, so I’d suggest to get these from the weekly dungeon and/or events and/or Voyage. Also the price is rather high – 60k for 1000 pieces.
Divine Heart Shard or Divine Soul Shard 10 Ignore completely. Get from daily dungeon.


It seems to me that while some interesting items are included in the Dwarven Silver Shop the costs assigned to the items are totally “wack”. This makes the shop a lot less attractive and only a source of “a little bit extra” rewards.

While some may argue that a little bit is OK (especially for new players) I do not see a point to create an entire new shop system for a tiny bit of reward. So I have to conclude that this whole thing is poorly thought out, poorly designed and does not contribute neither to the profitability of the Wartune companies nor to the excitement of Wartune players.

What do you think / suggest? Write your thoughts on the Dwarven Silver Shop in the comments below.

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  1. Just for spent each day in 1 cloth stone to get merit.

  2. Like Gast said, I buy one clothing stone daily for merit. Nothing else there is hard to get or worth wasting time on

  3. Agreed with you Cosmos. I barely use this shop for animation stones for fully clearing that feature this year. It´s better to get most of those items via event items, and more in the weeks where can be exchnged up to 999 event chests. 🙂

  4. 1 item a day for merit
    and when it resets, just spend much of it on what you need the most
    no harm no fowl er foul

  5. Actually, clothing refinement stone is a little less “awful” than you think, since the hot event usually gives a lot of chests for doing that event. It’s still a bad deal, but better than most of the other options when you consider the potential chests. Now, you can get it from voyage shop, which is a much better deal, but honestly nothing in the dwarven shop is even worth worrying about.

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