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Dragonchant Potency Guide – Wartune 7.8.2

Hi everyone! In this article we talk about the surprise implementation of a mini-Wartune-Patch 7.8.2 and then going into the Dragonchant Potency guide.

Patch 7.8.2 Surprise and Communication Problems Persisting

So unfortunately it seems that the communication problems between the Wartune developers and Wartune publishers is still ongoing. This is not good for anyone (and is not professional) and it is sad to see that they have not managed to fix it. I will still hope that they sort it out for the future.

It seems the Wartune devs have gone ahead and installed the Dragonchant Potency sub-system of Dragonchant and informed the Wartune publishers last minute, seems yesterday only. Dragonchant Potency was of course supposed to be part of the previous Patch 7.8 as we know R2 had “accidentally” or “not-knowingly” published a mini guide and then quickly deleted it when it was informed that the feature will not be in the Patch. Today they are reporting the surprise launch of Wartune Patch 7.8.2 which only includes Dragonchant Potency. Basically a communications mess and an example of how not to do professional work.

Dragonchant Potency Guide – Wartune 7.8.2

Here we have the developer’s guide and I will try to add more info/pictures to it.


Any dragon is capable of creating its own legend. They possess the potential to master their own strengths and fly high in the sky when that wind comes.

Practicing Dragonchant day by day, each warrior on the land of Gaia believes that some day they can tap into the inner potential within them. They believe that any dragon is capable of becoming a legend.


Dragonchant Potency sub-system window:

Dragonchant Potency Guide & Rules

A) Potency Rules

  • All Potency skills are passive and will only work during Dragonchant form. Potency cannot be inherited by the character.
  • There are 4 types of potency skills. The first type offers attribute bonuses for character; the second increases set effect rate for 2-piece Talismans; the third increases 4-piece Talismans set effect chance; the fourth affects awakening points acquisition each turn.
  • Potency unlocks with the growth of player’s class advancement level.
  • Each type has 3 different skills. Players may activate one of the skills, based on their preference.
  • Each skill has 3 star-rating. Activate a Potency skill to gain a Potency skill of random star rating.

B) Potency Panel / Window

  • Level on the left side: Potency Skill Requirement (Different type of Potency skills unlock when character’s advancement level reaches 2/4/6/8)
  • Skill(s) with a star in the panel: Activated Potency Skills
  • Skill(s) without a star in the panel: Available Potency Skills

C) Activate / Replace Skills

  • On top: Skills Icons (Click to select the Potency skill you want to activate. The first skill is selected by default.)
  • Stars on left side: Star-rating of Different Skills (Activate a Potency skill to gain a Potency skill of random star rating. Activated Potency skill can be replaced with a skill of different star-rating.)
  • Right side of stars: Corresponding text information of skills by star rating
  • Required Materials: the resources you will need to activate. Shows Current/Required numbers.
  • Replace & Close Button: (When level requirement is met and there is enough material, click “Replace” to receive skill effects of a random star-rating)

Activation Materials Required

Activating Potency skills requires Dragon’s Whisper and various perfumes. These can be earned from Wartopia.

  • Yellow Perfume
  • Green Perfume
  • Cyan Perfume
  • Red Perfume
  • Blue Perfume
  • Purple Perfume
  • Dragon’s Whisper

Skill Effects:

  • Primal Power 1 Star: Increases PATK and MATK by 2%
  • Primal Power 2 Stars: Increases PATK and MATK by 4%
  • Primal Power 3 Stars: Increases PATK and MATK by 6%
  • Forest Spirit 1 Star: Increases Max HP by 2%
  • Forest Spirit 2 Stars: Increases Max HP by 4%
  • Forest Spirit 3 Stars: Increases Max HP by 6%
  • Rules of Survival 1 Star: Increases PDEF and MDEF by 2%
  • Rules of Survival 2 Stars: Increases PDEF and MDEF by 4%
  • Rules of Survival 3 Stars: Increases PDEF and MDEF by 6%
  • Volcanic Wrath 1 Star: 2 Moonlight Talismans or Specter Talismans SET EFFECT is increased by 11%
  • Volcanic Wrath 2 Stars: 2 Moonlight Talismans or Specter Talismans SET EFFECT is increased by 13%
  • Volcanic Wrath 3 Stars: 2 Moonlight Talismans or Specter Talismans SET EFFECT is increased by 15%
  • Energy Flood 1 Star: 2 Sunlight Talismans SET EFFECT is increased by 35% and 2 Resurgence Talismans SET EFFECT is increased by +20 Rage.
  • Energy Flood 2 Stars: 2 Sunlight Talismans SET EFFECT is increased by 40% and 2 Resurgence Talismans SET EFFECT is increased by +25 Rage.
  • Energy Flood 3 Stars: 2 Sunlight Talismans SET EFFECT is increased by 45% and 2 Resurgence Talismans SET EFFECT is increased by +30 Rage.
  • Belial Trap 1 Star: 2 Aegis Talismans or Ghoul Talismans SET EFFECT is increased by 11%
  • Belial Trap 2 Stars: 2 Aegis Talismans or Ghoul Talismans SET EFFECT is increased by 13%
  • Belial Trap 3 Stars: 2 Aegis Talismans or Ghoul Talismans SET EFFECT is increased by 15%
  • shorter from here:
  • Shadow Ritual 4 set: Moonlight / Specter – 15% / 20% / 25%
  • Soul Purity 4 set: Sunlight / Resurgence – 15% / 20% / 25%
  • Heavenly Light 4 set: Aegis / Ghoul – 15% / 20% / 25%
  • Essence Leech – character + 1 enemy get +100 / +200 / +300 Awakening each turn
  • Soul Intervention – character + 1 enemy get +100 / +200 / +300 Awakening each turn as well as +30% / +40% / +50% Damage dealt and received
  • Glorious Ascension – Willpower gets +100 / +200 / +300 Awakening each turn

Questions & Discussion


  • Where is Wartopia? One problem with breaking full Wartune patches into little pieces and then implementing them every few months is that the parts that are implemented refer to parts that have not yet been implemented. Wartopia is one such feature. We already see texts referring to it but it has not been added to the game yet.
  • Can I get some benefit from Dragonchant Potency while in normal human form? No, it only works when you are in Dragonchant form.
  • Where is Potency, I cannot see it? You need to increase your class advancement level.
  • How to get the items if Wartopia is not in the game? Probably the items will first appear in balen spend/recharge events and maybe some Hot Events or Lucky Exchanges until Wartopia is added to the game.
  • There are so many skill effects. Yes we will need to think and choose carefully and adapt the skills based on what we are doing in the game.


The first Dragonchant Potency items become available in Haunted Sickle Exchange in #Wartune Events 18 MAY 2018:


  • Did you like my article? Did I present the information in a clear way?
  • Do you like this new Wartune feature?
  • If you have additional information please add in the comments or email to me.
  • Were you surprised about this new surprise Wartune mini-patch?
  • OK that’s all I think, I hope you liked my Dragonchant Potency Guide – please discuss with one another respectfully and please remember I am not the owner of Wartune – this is a Wartune blog and I am a Wartune player so if you have any problems with Wartune features I would appreciate it if you do not insult me for it, but respectfully write your opinions / criticisms.

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  1. I always like your articles I look forward to them each time and your website is the first one I check concerning wartune

    • Thank you (ᵔᴥᵔ)
      – COSMOS

  2. man this is exciting. but since i’m still progressing some little things on my toon…i’ll evade from these materials for now. the event is certainly good for some of the older veteran toons.


  4. Thank you Cosmos, good information and timely delivery
    I am proud to be one of your 46 patrons.

    • Thank you 🙂

  5. Ty for very detailed information

    • Thanks

  6. Awesome work as always! Thanks for all your hard work mate!
    I have one question! i got a friend who’s maxed in his class adv. & maxed as well in his KH lvl but still he doesn’t have potency panel on his toon! Why ?

    • did he check his dragonchant icon? its on the last tab on mine

      • Yes he did, potency panel doesn’t exist in his dragonchant tab…

    • Thank you. RE: your question, maybe he thinks he is maxed but he is not. Otherwise if he really is fully maxed he should make a ticket to support as according to them this is the only requirement for Potency.

      • Thanks! yeah he’s maxed and sent a ticket and the support team found out he only can see it in mini client but not in the game site OR any other browser. WEIRD!

  7. Essence Leech same buff for character and 1 enemy, is this right? This seens better on PvE

    • agree…but who knows…maybe it can make some really fun fights for clips

  8. Thank you so much for the information.

    • 🙂

  9. The odds to land more than 1* on skill level seem pretty low. I know my data is laughably small but out of 10-15 attempts I got 1 2* roll. Considering the price tag on potency items I`d say they really arent worth investing on right now. Get what you can while you charge/spend for other things but trying to get potency items just feels like a waste.

  10. 3*-ed the first potency level on my third try…

  11. Hallo Cosmos, your articles are really helpful… although I play in legend online German Version. Would love to see a video on dragonchant potency. I actually tried to do some upgrade there. after 10 times of trying it still stays at 2%. pretty confusing.

  12. about soul intervetion potency i dont really get it, it said “character and enemy unit -awakening points each turn and +30% dmg dealt n receieved” my question is, i get my awakening decreasing for every turn,how is this actually works?and the dmg dealt means i get 30% dmg dealt but i get extra 30% dmg from enemy? or the other way arround?the enemy get extra dmg dealt but received extra dmg from me?but the little icon of soul intervetion in fight is under my avater when it is on battle, please enlight me about this guys whoever that got clues about it, thx.

    • Yes, as it says awakening is reduced every turn for you and 1 enemy while the damage done and received is increased as stated, also to both you and 1 enemy.
      The main purpose of this Potency is to use a character only/mostly based PvP strategy while trying to prevent the enemy from entering sylph mode.

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