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Dimension Crisis Rewards with & without 10% Sacrifice

Hi everyone! In this article I want to share with you info on Dimension Crisis rewards / points to help players make correct decisions to get maximum rewards in Dimension Crisis. I also want to give special thanks to GAST for our discussion on this topic and the pictures he sent.

Dimension Crisis Rewards with and without additional points from 10% Sacrifice

Short background

I’ve seen all types of players in Dimension Crisis.

  • Some just click around randomly, use up all or part of their Action Points and attack the final boss. This way is really not very efficient.
  • Others try to walk around and explore as much as possible skipping battles. This also is not so good because you get more points from the battles.
  • And other players who try to get maximum points properly – this article will be especially for this group.

The total reward for players comes from the reward made from that specific run + the final reward based on the total team points (which is compared in team rankings) which comes later.

Inside Dimension Crisis, once you use up all your Action Points and try to move again you are given an option to sacrifice 10% of your rewards to fill up your Action Points. Most players do not bother with this and this article is to show to everyone the comparison with and without this option.

I will start with the picture comparison and explanation below:

This picture shows the rewards of 2 players from the same Dimension Crisis run (this is why the total team points are showing the same number 5670).

  • The player on the left hand side did not use the 10% sacrifice and generated 1126 points in addition to the shown rewards.
  • The player on the right hand side did sacrifice 10% of the rewards (thus you see the lower rewards compared to left) but generated 2124 points, which is almost double.

So without this action the total team points would be around a thousand points less compared with the achieved 5670 points.

Now the total Team Points yield the final reward as shown on the picture below:

And we can see that the difference these ~1000 points made was to put the team in the 5400+ reward range rather than the 4001-5399 range, which resulted in much more rewards:

Is the 10% of Dimension Crisis Rewards a big deal?

Well it is only 10% of the “run rewards”, not the total so if we compare on the picture we see:

  • 540 vs 600 = 60 advanced henna less
  • 135k vs 150k daru = 15k daru less
  • chest is same
  • 18 vs 20 and 9 vs 10 = 3 less
  • so in total that’s 63 adv. henna less and 15k daru less

So I do not think that’s a big deal.

Other points / Q&A

(feel free to add your feedback / tips / questions in the comments below)

  • You are not forced to spend 20 balens. You have a choice to:
    1. Either uncheck / un-tick that box and sacrifice 10% rewards OR
    2. Spend 20 balens instead of sacrificing 10% rewards (the balens I believe are not BB but unbound balens only).
  • How many action points does it refill? If i remember correctly it refills the full bar.
  • Does everyone need to sacrifice 10% rewards? NO! If your team has already explored the map then there is no point in getting more Action Points. You only need to use this ability if there is a lot of space remaining to explore to use your Action Points on.
  • Can helpers use sacrifice to increase Team Points? No, helpers are blocked from this to stop game abuse. Only players with an actual Attempt Point can use this option. This also means that generally the maximum team points or Dimension Crisis rewards are only possible with 4 players who are all using an Attempt.

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  1. Unfortunately puny rewards anyway… But ty for the analysis…

    • Thanks, the Will Crystal rewards are good though.

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