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Choosing Between Blazing Lynx and Advanced Guild Skills

Hey guys, in this post we analyze the correct time to buy the Blazing Lynx compared to purchasing Advanced Guild Skills in the Advanced Guild Shop. To do this we are going to post the skill costs per level and look at the stats’ benefit from each case to find the sweet spot when buying the mount becomes more efficient.

Developing Potion Cost per Level

Remember that for every level up we get +40 to that specific attribute (only 1).

Adv. Skill Level Developing Potion Cost
Upgrade to 1 200
Upgrade to 2 400
Upgrade to 3 800
Upgrade to 4 1,600
Upgrade to 5 3,200
Upgrade to 6 6,400
Upgrade to 7 12,800
Upgrade to 8 25,600
Upgrade to 9 51,200
Upgrade to 10 102,400

Stats from Blazing Lynx vs. Advanced Skills

Now the Blazing Lynx (picture below) gives +30 to all 4 attributes and while all 4 are useful to lesser or greater degree, for this article/analysis, we are going to consider this as 3 attributes as the Intelligence is of limited use for Knights and Archers and Strength is of limited use for Mages.

Blazing Lynx Card costs 30,000 fangs or developing potions’ equivalent, so if we divide this into 3 we get 10,000 points cost per attribute and this is something we can directly compare with the cost of the advanced guild skill upgrades.

Comparing Costs

For someone who just got access to Advanced Guild Skills then for only 600 points (fangs / developing potions) which is 200 x 3 for upgrading each of the 3 attributes to level 1 the player can get +40 to their stats and that’s of course a lot cheaper and better than saving up for the mount. Now the first upgrade is a no-brainer, but the interesting question is where exactly is the sweet spot and to see that clearly we can transform the above table into one equivalent of the mount by increasing each cost by a factor of 3 in which case we get:

Adv. Skill Level Adjusted Developing Potion Cost Mount Cost
Upgrade to 1 600 30,000
Upgrade to 2 1,200 30,000
Upgrade to 3 2,400 30,000
Upgrade to 4 4,800 30,000
Upgrade to 5 9,600 30,000
Upgrade to 6 19,200 30,000
Upgrade to 7 38,400 30,000
Upgrade to 8 76,800 30,000
Upgrade to 9 153,600 30,000
Upgrade to 10 307,200 30,000

With this new table we can see in the “Adjusted” column the price to buy +40 stats compared to the +30 stats from mount and we can see that all the way up to level 6 and even level 7 upgrade it is much more efficient to upgrade advanced guild skills instead of buying the Blazing Lynx mount!

The only other factor that I chose not to consider in this is Mount Refinement. The reason for this is that for me refining mounts has a lot more to do with following good / interesting events for maximum rewards than stats and this is why I do not consider it. However, those people who wish you refine straight away no matter on the events then can definitely not go higher than level 5 or level 6.

In any case, we hope this analysis will help you to make the most efficient decision when spending your hard earned fangs / developing potions.

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  1. All this calculation has gotten me confused. To get a lvl 7 adv skill it cost 12800 portions/fangs, so am really confused with calculations/stats u giving

    • And one skill for lvl 6, only costs 6400 fangs.

    • you are right it was less clear, i made an update now to make everything correct and clear, check it out

      • Lvl 1 = 200
        lvl 2 = 400
        Lvl 3 = 800
        lvl 4 = 1600
        lvl 5 = 3200
        lvl 6 = 6400
        lvl 7 = 12800
        lvl 8 = 25600
        lvl 9 = 51200
        lvl 10 = 102400 Fang of Fears

        Another hint: You can buy the mount additional times and recycle it to beast souls.

        120 Beast Souls / mount = +10 stats
        So, nobody should use the last levels^^

      • I don’t think you can buy it twice. You cannot buy any other mount twice. It will give a message that you already own it.

      • Its the same like the Arena League Mount i think.

    • its actually becoz it was multiplied 3x so you can really compared it to the mount which is blazing lynx 🙂 hope this helps

  2. You forgot that you start at lvl 0 and to get to lvl 1 you need 200, so you should double your numbers.

    • thanks fixed, hopefully all is clear and good now

  3. Both is better choice indeed.

  4. i think there is another mistake:
    the mount gives you each attribute +30 –
    so if you want to do this with the guild-skills you have to upgrade 3-times 3 skills… so you have to sum 3 steps in your table to get equal to the mount,
    eg, if you are at level 0 the same benefit like the mount costs 600+1,200+2,400=4,000
    if you are at level 3 it (+30) costs 4,800+9,600+19,200= 33,600 so the mount is cheaper if you are level 3 or higher in adv. guild skills.

    • sorry little error at level 0: the sum equals 4,200

    • ok, ignore me, i was just confused…

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