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Chaos War 23 Feb 2016 and Shop of Turmoil

Hey guys, the next Chaos War is on the 23rd of February 2016. Here are the announcement and the Shop of Turmoil:

Chaos War Launch

Shop of Turmoil

Chaos War Help

1. Players level 40 and above and ranked in the top 40 Battle Rating rankings can participate in the Chaos War.

2. Balenor’s Finest is auto selected as the team lead. Team leads can set the participants and remove players who are not online 1 hour before the battle starts.

3. Dead characters cannot be revived. The side who entirely kills the opposing team or with who has more remaining players alive will win the battle.

4. According to the Preliminary rankings, the top 16 players will enter Warlord’s Hall, while lower ranked players will enter Warrior’s Hall.

5. Participating, preliminary and finals rewards contain bundles of Chaos Stones, which can be used to exchange for items in the Shop of Turmoil.

6. Chaos Stones will reset 3 days after the final is over.

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  1. chaos war is on at 4am for me does anyone know how i can change this to anormal daytime.

    • Switch time zones, no other way around it

  2. thanks but how do i switch time zones.I dont want to start the game again as i am 6 mill br

    • you cannot switch timezones, they do not allow transfer between servers, so you are stuck where you are – many players switched in the beginning, at 6 mil BR is already sort of too late…

  3. thanks all very much for info . i should of checked when i fist started playing

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