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Chained Bear Eudaemon by ‎Deea Barbu [FUN]

Hey guys, we have news of a great new Eudaemon – the Chained Bear! *cough* *cough*

Eudaemon description:

  • Skill 1: The Claw: Attack all enemy party with 220% PATK and poison 2 enemies causing to lose 20% HP each attack
  • Skill 2: Heavy Crawler: Deals 250% damage to 2 enemies yes with lowest hp.
  • Skill: 3 Butcher: Increases attack for all party members with 100% for 2 turns.
  • Delphic skill 1: Forest protector: Generates a shield for all party members and ignores all damage for 3 turns.
  • Delphic skill 2: Chained power: Deals 320% dmg to all enemies.

Do you guys like him?

Would you want him added to Wartune?

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  1. no i dont like it, its to op and unbalanced

    • some ppl rlly have nothing else to do in life…

  2. hahaha He’s “off the chain”.

    • hehe

  3. All are too much expected but unexpected skills, well thought cosmos lol

    • hehe
      all credit goes to the wonderful Deea who created both the art and the joke 🙂

  4. Is Butcher stackable? Like cursed arrow from wind ranger

    • It is a fun joke and a nice art Anonymous as you can see from the multiple hints.

  5. Fck yeah this gummy bear is the best

    • 🙂

  6. better than the oracle

  7. me unchained….lol

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