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BOSS Names & Locations in Wartune Campaigns

Hi everyone! I prepared this reference to help all players in finding bosses in Wartune. I hope this list will especially help those players who are very busy with RL or those players who are angry/frustrated or confused with having to find a specific Wartune campaign boss.

If something changes over time or if any correction suggestions please post in the comments to help each other.

  • Campaign NameBOSS Name


  • Endless Path – Darmir
  • Eternal Sanctuary – Tyrath


  • Throne of Yaros – Yaros
  • Cursed Lair – Azakar
  • Palace of Corruption – Mosino
  • Soulless Tomb – Githlander
  • Hall of Judgement – Jayar
  • Bloodnite Canyon – Lilith
  • Temple of Fire – Nemrut


  • Devil’s Trail – Yabina the Phantom
  • Soul Trials – Jilan
  • Demon’s Rill – Lesterlin
  • Blood Moorland – Landor
  • Desert of Palms – Farinel
  • Forest of Chaos – Oubar
  • Nightmare Ruins – Mortis


  • The Forgotten Dunes – Zane
  • Buradoth’s Grave – Jarlor
  • Twilight Arena – Karjaya
  • Ukiah Sands – Wormageddon
  • Blazing Desert – Krankor
  • Desert of Curses – Agorfa
  • Desert of Despair – Karnova
  • Reaper’s Illusion – Fayden


  • Immortal Ruins – Andola
  • Shrine of Sakaiya – Jarnica
  • Boneyard – Yaros
  • Serenity Lake – Larnicus
  • Swamp of the Undead – Sezmar
  • Delphinian Swamp – Tarnis
  • Banshee Wetlands – Boracus


  • Edena Village – Eletos
  • Termini Cliff – Merloch
  • Forest of Doom – Morrigan
  • Duskin Arena – Headless Marauder
  • Roaring Wetlands – Spiny Serpentus
  • Serpent’s Den – Sycorax
  • Bretheran Abyss – Anotar


  • Tribal Plateau – Kronos
  • Camp Calorn – Viscount Remus
  • Temple of Ibalize (Inner) – Bantashee
  • Temple of Ibalize (Outer) – Sheena
  • Orc Plains – Toros Lead
  • Baylon Plains – Karlan
  • Worg Lair – Wulfgar


Other event tips may include:

  • MICHIGAN = Serenity Lake level 30-40
  • DRAGON’S BONES = Buradoth’s Grave level 40-50
  • GRIFFIN = Blood Moorland (Erandel) level 50-60 (perhaps Normal only)
  • COBWEB = Blazing Desert (Deathly Sands) level 40-50 (Hero mode)
  • SAMSARA – Soulless Tomb (The Demon Void) level 60-70 (Normal)
  • THE BEGINNING – Endless Path (Immortal Pass) level 70-80 (Hero mode)

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  1. Very helpful, thanks Cosmos!

  2. Wonderful Job.Thanks a lot COSMOS.

  3. key word for today michigan, where is that?

    • go to Campain..Fetid Swamp (lvl.30-40)..Serenity Lake

  4. that’s awesome thank you

  5. i think to Serenity Lake is Michigan not Larnicus 30-40

    • nope it’s Larnicus

  6. Dragon Bones for next pudding is in Campaign…Deathly Sands…Buradoths Grave

    • tyvm

  7. tomoz clue is griffin

  8. Where is griffin?

  9. any has found the griffin ?

  10. erandel bllood moorland on normal

  11. in blood moorland there is landor

  12. Next Hint for European Clusters: Cobweb

  13. Where find Cobweb?

  14. blazin g desert in hero mode (deathly sand)

    • Ty

  15. killed only boss in blazin desert hero mode and got no puddings so I dunno

    • Took me three losses before I got any. Imagine looking for place nope tried that one three times lets try this one. All the time missing out on the one it is do to idiocy of designer. If location isn’t sure have it hit 100 percent of time how hard is that to fathom.

    • it is
      it’s just very very low drop rate

    • its the mobs that drop Puddings not the Boss
      so if you only killed the boss you cant get any Puddings

  16. Thanks cosmos!! Super helpful

    • 😛

  17. SAMSARA= Soulless Tomb got on hero mode

    • Thx…

    • thanks a lot !

  18. Soulless Tomb normal mode

  19. The beginning?

  20. 70-80 endless path hero mode

    • Thx

  21. Thank You Cosmos this article was very helpful.

    • 🙂

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