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Big Mistake in Big Spender 28 Dec 2015

Hey guys, there is a mistake in the 24 hr big spender on 28th of Dec 2015 and we can’t know at present if they will fix it or not, but lately there have been a lot of mistakes in events such as wrong numbers and also events not recognizing spending/using of the items.

Here we have 1 big mistake and 1 small mistake, which i show below but will not focus on now. The big mistake however gives 3000 Resistance Essences instead of 300, which seems to be just a spelling error of an extra zero. That’s however a huge advantage for anyone who will grab this by spending 20,000 balens (if they don’t fix it):

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  1. hi im new in this game i want to know how can i get divinity souls (gems for sylph

    • i think the only way right now besides events, is sylph expedition every 5 lvl you get 1 and in the others you get 5 shards of 100 to make another, and also there is the first time rewards, which gives even more

  2. Seeing how wartune have basicly gone into removing items for all people that exploited the treasure bug, + all items they got the last 3 years, I Wouldn’t dare to recharge 20k. And I wouldn’t dare to recharge at all, really, Only people I wouldn’t blame for recharging are people that can’t spend the money they make anyways :p

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