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Awesome New Things in Patch 4.0

Hey guys, the test servers just got the new patch and here are some new additions that will restore your faith in Wartune.

One Click Blessing in Patch 4.0:

I hate clicking blessing one by one every day. Firstly, for some players, you are unsure how much Kyanite you might need everyday. Secondly, it takes too long to get 200% Blessing. For One Click Blessing, it consumes 15,000 Kyanite.

New Settings in One Click Capture:

Even the One Click Capture is already a long time not sufficient for top / VIP players but now, in Patch 4.0, we get a “Settings” option for One Click Capture. To use the settings, you must be VIP Level 6 or Higher. And with this new addition players will be able to use large amounts of gold straight away!

The Last Battle Protection Slot Opened!

Woohoo, finally, the last RES Slot, Diamond Shield, is here and the requirements are not that extreme. I am unsure if Bound Balens are accepted or not since I don’t have 1,000+ RES myself.

24 Plots in Farm:

Instead of nine plots in your farm, there will be 24 plots! As long as you don’t have friends that steal your crops, you are good to go.

Hide Players in World Boss:

The major lag in World Boss was a huge problem for a very long time and players have been begging for this simple solution which took devs such a long time to implement, but finally it is here – we can hide players during World Boss Event! Now if they add this feature for Guild Boss as well, that would be great.

Do Necro and Purgatory Maze for free everyday:

Title says it all. If you want double gain which increases your chance to get a Gem Transposer, you can use Crypt Key/Purgatory Keys. This is so awesome 😀

Hope you guys enjoyed this bit of info on the new patch and feel free to comment your opinion below.

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