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90% are doing Gift Box wrong – Here is how to do it

Hey everyone! From what I have seen on several servers the majority of Wartune players are doing the Gift Box / Gift Party wrong (the new mini-activity feature of the Magic Inn of Patch 7.0).

Wrong things people do in Gift Party / Gift Box (or very inefficient):

  • Quick sell 3 times whatever shards they have. This is the worst! (but understandable in cases of “no time” or “am too rich” or “inactive server”)
  • Quick click join whatever party with whatever they have. The 2nd worst.
  • Randomly pop in to Magic Inn; see if there is something you can join, leave if not. This is the 3rd worst.

The right way to do Gift Party

There are 2 steps: The Mental Aspect and the Actual Gameplay.

Mental Aspect

  1. You must become one with the force.
  2. Calm your mind and feel the energy.
  3. Click on the Grey Shard and say: “These are not the shards I am looking for”.

Actual Gameplay Guide

  1. “The road to victory is through sacrifice”, says COSMOS. To setup the correct way of doing Gift Party you must first setup an orange shard. To do this you have to sacrifice one time: sell shards until you get an orange one and then never ever change it!
  2. From here there are 2 paths:
    1. The absolute best: Find 2 other people on your server with orange shards of the other letters. If you have C, then find who has orange A and orange B. Agree with them to do Gift Box together every day at a specific time such as before or after the Guild Tree.
    2. 2nd best: join a party or create a party and have people join in; shout in world chat if you need to. The disadvantage of this is that some grey shard people may join and ruing the rewards but you will still get a lot better rewards than selling as your orange shard will lift up everyone.


Doing this correctly (efficiently) will give you orange gifts which you can use in the Magic Inn to give to the NPCs. They in turn will give you much better rewards and this will help you to be more successful in Wartune.

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  1. it takes a geniues to figure this strategy , thx alot my friend for the info , it helps a lot :))

  2. no one will follow this hint. all will sell and will join in every party. few players do this event and more time pass and less players will do.

    is an useless event and soon will become wrost. not was better continue solo in magic inn?

    • agree, this event suck

  3. ilove this event i have adv mahara from it near 60-70 adv mahara by gift all blue and green gifts to cindly 10 times

  4. Been telling people this in guild but non listen lol

  5. Hey Cosmos! Been a while.

    I’ve not played wartune in quite some time now. Do players still get 10% EXP Daily or has that yet been removed!

    • Hi, not super sure, probably it’s there. I suspect you are asking because of your preference of camping. Camping, for a long time already, due to the evolution of the game, is no longer a valid strategy.

  6. I know u have a lot to do, but you do like to do guides and stuff so I wanted to suggest one I think everyone would just LOOOOVE; how to farm beast souls most efficiently.

    I havent done the math on insignia farming yet, but Tanks give:
    3 shards per day, 25 shards for mount, mount recycle for 160 beast souls.
    3 mounts per 25 days = 480 beast souls / 25 days = 19,2 per day.

    I will try to do the rest as I gather data, but I think insignia has to be figured out by itself and then converted into beast souls, since there are so many sources for insignia.

    • Sure, feel free to email me anytime.
      I do the best I can, as much as I can.

  7. I have seen many doing it the wrong way also, even i on my second toon i have a epic shard C and one in my guild as epic shard B we could find no one with epic A but we didnt sell it, better keep it and do the guift box even if it is with bellow tier shards until we have someone to do it all epic.

    Fortunetly one member in our guild sold is 3 shards yesterday and got a epic A, now we have a team to start doing it today and get the best rewards.

    I really like this feature, and thanks to it i didnt had to trade many items to refine tyre to thor with the amount of moon rocks i got from it, now ill invest more on adv mahra to get it to red(already got it to 2 moons from 1 star with 10k adv mahra).

    keep it up cosmos.

    • i mean we couldnt find a epic shard A, sorry, cosmos u should think if possible on adding a edit feature to our posts, so that we can correct stuff.

      • I’d love to have that feature and much more, but i don’t know how to do it and I don’t have money to hire an expert.
        This and many other reasons is why I suggest people, who love the work, to support.
        – COSMOS

    • Thank you 🙂

  8. after MT my shard was changed from epic to blue…so after every MT need seek epic shard again((

    • let’s hope it was just the MT and not a hidden modification

  9. Maintenance changes shard randomly. I didn’t notice it change on Monday when things reset for the week. But it looks like maintenance resets your shard and probably will continue to do so.

    • If it will be every Maintenance then we will need simply 1-2 days to fix again, which I am cool with (of course it is annoying though)
      – Cosmos

  10. have 100k adv mahra henna and sep mostly useless now

  11. when you say sacrifice, you mean to refresh it? only option I have lol Refresh it until you get an orange, and then never refresh again… But once you use it with a party it will become epic again. Sorry if I sound a little confused, but yes this thing confuses me lol Thanks so much.

    • No. It means to sell until you get orange.
      Joining party does not change the shard.

  12. Best Strategy i have come across..Cheers 😉

    • Thanks for taking a moment to show your appreciation Fiero 🙂
      – COSMOS

  13. Hello. TY for your advises. I got Golden Gift Box but after 2 days i have Blue one again.

    • i read the possible answer, ty.
      It was the maintenance.

    • Hi the shards reset every Maintenance so we have to re-fix every Thursday (maintenance day)

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