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5 Wartune Tips – Expedition, Selling, Mounts, Blitz, Sylph Skills

Hey everyone! In this article I share with you 5 Wartune tips to help out or make your Wartune life better! 🙂

If you want to watch a video demonstration you can find the video at the bottom of the post. So let’s get started:

Later Expedition Friend Selection Tip

It is actually possible to pick a friend in the Sylph Expedition at a later timing. This allows you to blitz your Expedition and gather all your rewards and not risk waiting for a strong helper and forgetting or not doing the Sylph Expedition. So you can initiate the blitz and after an hour or later check to see if your strong helper is online. Then go to Formation first to select the friend before you initiate the boss battle.

This guarantees that you get your daily rewards even if your helper doesn’t show up during the time that you are playing Wartune. It also prevents the problem of forgetting to do the Sylph Expedition before the daily closure if you leave it to last minute.

Tip on Selling Items by Throwing them out

You can actually drag and drop items outside of your inventory / bag to sell them. This is very useful to quickly throw stuff out rather then using the selling system. You can use this on pretty much any item. Some items you can directly throw out, others you need to click on the item and say move and then throw them out.

For items like potions I suggest just double clicking to use them since that’s faster, even if you don’t need the buffs. You only lose 2000 gold or so which is negligible.

Tip on Picking the Correct Mounts

When you are looking to buy mounts in the Mount Shop it is best to observe their Plus to Maximum Attribute Level stat. Most mounts have lower bonus such as +5 while some mounts will give you a better return such as +10 to maximum attributes while having the same cost / stats.

This works both on cheap as well as expensive mounts.

  • +10 to max attribute on a +20 stat mount is much better than the same +20 stat mount with +5 to max
  • similarly a +30 on a +300 stat mount is better than another +300 stat mount with a +20 to max attribute level

Tip to Blitz for more Event Items

When you do your daily Solo Campaign blitzing make sure to click on the Items Received link to see what your rewards are. On some days event mini items are added as blitz rewards. When you see this then you know that this is the perfect time to use your saved up stamina potions (up to 300 stamina extra per day) to earn more event items!

Sylph Skills Efficiency Tip

You can use the Forget Skill and Learn New Random Skill system to build up your sylph skills at a much cheaper cost! This is especially useful on expensive high Tier sylphs such as merged sylphs which have skills costing 6000 or 15000 balens. Instead of paying these large costs, you can, over time, slowly build up the correct skills by keeping on forgetting (costs 300) and again learning random.

This process is much slower but is much more beneficial to you in terms of balen spending if you can allow to wait. Depending on how active you are (learning has an 8 hour cool-down) an good or bad luck it can take days or weeks to setup your sylphs.

Video: 5 Wartune Tips – Expedition, Selling Items, Mount Shop, Event Item Blitz, Sylph Skills

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  1. Skill Forget for Sylphs in only 4 hours with higher VIP

  2. event mini items are available from blitz only on 2nd,3rd and 4th days of an event set (7 days).

    • thanks for sharing

      • And are available in crypt on the same days. Good days to use your keys on catacombs

    • in saturday, sunday and monday, also you can save attempt from friday (start and cancel blitz)

    • I’ve noticed this is usually Saturday/Sunday/Monday, so on Friday leave all your blitz at lvl 1 and do them on the next day.

  3. When’s the June release? and when can u show us a new preview?

  4. The forget method can be a gamble. With Frigga, there are 13 possible active skills left (when you have 4 already) so it’s a 1 in 13 chance of getting skill you want. I’ve been trying for a month now to get Rain dance and I think it’s exceeded 20 attempts. To buy it outright would have been cheaper, so if you have bad luck, it could be more expensive for Frigga. Now Thor only has a few skills so odds are much greater of getting that last skill you need. I’m just frustrated that I’ve gotten every other skill at least twice but not the one I want for Frigga.

    • I know how you feel. I have been trying for weeks to get 1 passive for tyre and I have gotten everything at least 3 times except what I want. I am still trying…

  5. For Expedition, I manually run level 1 to guarantee devotion. After that, I blitz the other levels. If my friend logs in when I play, I try the level I am stuck on.

  6. Your work is very nice dollygames. I was able to get some useful information. It would be nice if you could display the price of merged sylph skills.

  7. Is there any way to delete eudamon mark shard?

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