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2.35 Million Gold and Daru WB 1 Round

Hey guys, prepare your drooling mouths ^^ because here is the earnings from 1 round of World Boss from a 250k BR archer, Paparass, 2.35 million gold and daru!

1 Round, of course, is not a regular round as for most people but includes, in this case probably at least 2 WB ultimate attack survivals. For those who need tips on how to survive World Boss attacks search my 2 articles about that.

Thanks to Papa for the screenshot, I prepared the below image from it with the key points highlighted. Enjoy 🙂

Update 1: Papa managed to get 2.8 million:

Update 2: 

I received comments of people earning up to almost 15 million! WooooW! 🙂 asked for screenshots – will post if/when i get em.

Update 3: 

Screenshot of 14.5 million gold daru WB Thethrell – I think this is a full round from start to finish without any deaths.

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