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1000 Sepulcrums Enchanting Effect

Hey guys, let’s look on the distribution of points when enchanting Sylphs with Sepulcrums. I had made a video doing this a while back so I will link that below, but I don’t think I made a blog post on this and since it is a nice topic here we go:

Before Enchanting with 1000 Sepulcrums

So our enchanting subject is an Amazon sylph as shown below with:

 – Strength 2182 out of 4532
 – Armor 1428 out of 3225
 – Intelligence 463 out of 741 (so this one will get maxed)
 – Endurance 2175 out of 4549
 – and a Battle Rating of 13019

And here we have the picture of the Amazon after:

After Enchanting

 – Strength 2453 out of 4532 – an increase of 271
 – Armor 1652 out of 3225 – an increase of 224
 – Intelligence 741 out of 741 (maxed out) – an increase of 278
 – Endurance 2412 out of 4549 – an increase of 237
 – and a Battle Rating of 15083 – an increase of 2064

So we see that we got more often points for Strength and Intelligence in this case, but otherwise you see that it is roughly an equal distribution of points, so there is no way to put all the points to the stat that you prefer, sooner or later you will have to pay for whatever stat is the lowest.

And as for the battle rating, so basically we can learn that 1000 sepulcrums is roughly 2000 battle rating worth amount. So if you want to increase your Sylph strength by 10k BR then it would take 5k sepulcrums.

And here is the video that I made about this 1st of June:

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