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World Boss Massive Hits

Hey guys, in this short info sharing and achievement post I show you what is possible if you have a good strategy every day for World Boss and, on top of it, all the luck aligns with you in terms of passive skill activation, critical hits and getting as many hits as you can. Got 2 examples to share:

1) COSMOS Knight vs. World Boss

Here is the screenshot from my COSMOS Knight achieving 18.27% damage on the World Boss yielding ~43m Gold and Daru from a 10 second or so World Boss. My char is at 14.6m BR, significantly lower BR than the top people on my server, so this has nothing to do with cashing.

This was a record for my char and definitely a very rare thing – i would not be surprised if i don’t have one like this again anytime soon.

2) 2nd Example (Archer) vs. World Boss

After seeing my Facebook post, 1 person shared his/her achievement (wishes to remain anonymous):

“I’m a VIP only cashier, Archer, with a lot of free time. My best one was about 53m gold and Daru, About 23%. was a 4 hit combo, with a 95% damnation support. I skip WB many times so i don’t hurt the other players in the server.”

Here is a screenshot of the char:

Final Words

If your income is significantly lower – don’t stress about it. Remember these are rare occurrences when all things, as I mentioned on top, align at the same time. Also we all get stronger over time so you will get more income as you grow your BR and playing skills, but also there are less and less servers where World Boss battles even get to the full duration, so it becomes more about learning how to hit as hard as possible with 1 or 2 hits.

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  1. it is the new luck, istead of final blow, me too, if all trigger can get around 30-40M, i am knight 15M br vip only

  2. Problem is that most wb go by so quickly you can’t take advantage of eud’s damn (or any other buff/debuff). It’s usually dead before your second action. It needs to be restructured so everyone has a chance at it. Cashers without lag kill it before a lot of us can do more than one action.

  3. As a mage i can barely scratch WB, i get about 20mil on 2 hits, at 19.5mil BR, the problem is i need to generate a ton of rage to be able to deal any real damage, and for that i need 3 rounds, base attack + rage rune, then 2 hard hits, and that also means i cant brutality rune, which adds a LOT of damage when you stack buffs and debuffs on first round.

    • I think its better use two diferent daemons buffs and atack FL or brutality then with CT and for third skill FL or any other skill.

  4. 1st congrats on ur achievement.
    2nd I get that 80% of the time n I’m 12mill br only.
    3rd if I had that 16millbr archer Attk I probably get 60mill plus.
    This is coming from a non casher n with a Zeus syphl.
    My straggly is rage rune strike n decidece as a knight

    • hi thanks 🙂
      you must get a bunch of hits then, on our server WB dies in seconds

      • 3 hit max i get

      • jsut that i have lvl 8 oracle damation n lv l 7 curse

      • congrats 🙂

  5. Where can i found now Skeleton Key and refinement Lock ??? Not tell me in Events. Are no events with these items. And cant find in any Campaigns, MDSs etc. I do daily 320 Devotion, so i search everywere…. cant find these items. And really need Underground Palace back, and devlopers to remove titles that are no longer available for new players
    (for example mount from guild shop title). Fix also Auction. Are there items that have price of 100 USD, but can get for free from SC. Limit weapons shards in adv guild shop is 50, need only 10 to build 1 weapon, no point to have limit 50. Same why to add limit to other items in adv guild shop? Devlopers must help player, not delay them in all things, from lag, bugs, maintenance for nothing until how many items to buy. Take me 10 hours a day to do that devotion, only to see after they not let me to buy number of items i need.

  6. Russian wartune, 23ml BR knight

    110mil gold in 3 hits

    • thanks for sharing

      • I use following strategy:
        1)battle oracle with damnation
        2)frost lord with inspiration
        first move – wrath strike
        light titan applied
        then i use rage rune and wise titan
        deicide skill two time in row.
        To make this possible you should have fury master 8 lvl eudaemon skill

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