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Wish world boss would last longer? Watch what you wish for!

Everyone says world boss goes to fast most of the times right? Well last night the WB had 38 Billion like normal it took us 34 mins to beat him or around there, Awesome Gold/Daru I got around 1.7M and ranked 27!

 Well 3rd WB just got over and this is why a slow WB kill isn’t good the night before

(NOTE: The 1.2-1.5M is only for 3rd WB its not for my 1st or 2nd WB hit)

The world boss hp was 25 Billion missing over 10 billion HP, The longer the world boss takes to kill the less HP it well have the next day (Note: This only applies to the exact WB so if 3rd is killed super slower 3rd well have less HP etc.) So instead of lasting normal 12-16 mins the WB last around 7-9 mins. Looks like some people’s wishes have bad affect’s!

So next time you think WB is going way to fast think about this if it went slower the next day it well go in a split second! 😀 Have a nice day


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