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Willpowers’ Skill Adjusted Damage Ranking

Hey everyone! I was curious to rank Willpowers from the perspective of single target damage output and here I share with you my analysis & ranking chart:

Bear in mind this is not supposed to be 100% accurate as various assumptions are needed to be added on top of basic skill amount. This does however show the distribution of skills and their damage on a ranking chart showing the placements of different Willpowers when it comes to single target damage output.

CHART: Willpower Damage Ranking

I’ll start straight away by sharing the chart. Note these are “adjusted” damage figures, which is the base plus an additional amount based on various variables such as passive boosts.

TABLES: Willpower Damage Ranking

And just for reference these are the relevant tables and data which I used to make the above chart (i combine my various table into one big one here):

Willpower & Skill Base Damage Adjusted Damage
Death Specter :: Delphic: Soul Sucker 710% 952%
Eagle Warrior :: Delphic: Shredder 710% 852%
Angel of Light :: Delphic: Rising Sanction 530% 753%
Angel of Light :: Sky Cleaver 480% 682%
Void Emissary :: Demonic Judgement 430% 671%
Death Specter :: Broken Force 455% 646%
Death Specter :: Magic Infiltration 455% 646%
Eagle Warrior :: Delphic: Second Assault 530% 636%
Angel of Light :: Rock Wave 445% 632%
Death Specter :: Delphic: Energy Fountain 440% 628%
Angel of Light :: Delphic: Divine Wrath 440% 625%
Void Emissary :: Firmament Fire 398% 621%
Death Specter :: Burning Soul 430% 616%
Void Emissary :: Hell’s Requiem 380% 593%
Void Emissary :: Fiery Lotus 380% 593%
Angel of Light :: Slasher 398% 565%
Death Specter :: Exorcism 380% 556%
Death Specter :: Magic Oppression 380% 556%
Eagle Warrior :: Coercion 455% 546%
Angel of Light :: DART 380% 540%
Sea Witch :: Delphic: Swift Jet 530% 530%
Eagle Warrior :: Half-moon Cut 440% 528%
Void Emissary :: Total Bloodshed 323% 504%
Void Emissary :: Delphic: Sinful End 320% 499%
Angel of Light :: Half-moon Cut 330% 469%
Eagle Warrior :: Assault 380% 456%
Eagle Warrior :: Attack & Kill 380% 456%
Eagle Warrior :: Lion’s Roar 380% 456%
Eagle Warrior :: Wilderness Axe 330% 396%
Sea Witch :: Waterspout 380% 380%
Sea Witch :: Blast Wave 380% 380%
Sea Witch :: Absolute Zero 380% 380%

Misreading Warning

Please do not use this report to say which Willpower is better than another in general. This report looks only at the single target damage output and therefore ignores all other Willpower skills such as shields and heals and any supporting skills.

So this is interesting to use for any situation where you fight one enemy and/or to give you a general idea of the damage capabilities of different Willpowers.

Adjustment Note

As mentioned this kind of an analysis can never be 100% accurate as there are too many factors at play. I’ve just implemented some basic assumptions to adjust base skill damage output to take into account some factors such as increased stats from passives, other damage increases and/or crit damage increases.

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  1. Death Specter – Delphic Soul Sucker 710% -> 952% – Here is a Question – where did Death Specter got a multipluer of 34% when it only has 20% Atack bonus from his passive?
    P.S. Very interesting article though.

    • Hi, i have also factored in an assumption for his bleed effect

  2. Yes bleed should be taken into account! But wouldn’t it be more accurate to how it like this :
    710% (910% if bleed occure) -> 852% (1150% if bleed occure) then?

    • Hi, if you are doing a comparison analysis between 2 characters where one does 50,000 damage and the other does 49,000 but has also let’s say 20% chance to do 10,000 additional damage then mathematically you just do 10,000 x 0.2 = 2,000 extra damage each turn and compare the character 1 of 50,000 with character 2 of 51,000 (49,000 + 2,000)

      • As you wish. Didn’t say your were wrong – just shared my oppinion.
        Very sorry for any inconvenience.
        Really like all the articles. keep up the nice work!
        P.S Curiosity bugs me , so maybe you’re so kind to explain why you use multiplier for skills, but not for for Death Specter’s damage passive?

      • Hi, it is not any inconvenience, I am happy to have the discussion.
        Actually for this topic my opinion does not matter, it is an issue of mathematics, I am simply following rules of calculation.
        I did not very well understand your question in order to answer it well, but i will do my best to explain. You have a base skill let’s say 100 damage, so if there is also a 20% PATK passive then you do 100 x 1.2 = 120 damage. Then if there is let’s say a second passive with let’s say 50% chance of doing 30 damage, then we modify the formula to be 100 x 1.2 + 30 x 0.5 = 120 + 15 = 135 expected damage per turn.
        And thanks for the kind words for my work 🙂
        – COSMOS

  3. i think void’s delphic sinful skill is bugged…i had icon showing damage dealt by enemy -20%

    • more often there are spelling / typing errors, so it could be that the skill is working but showing wrong text
      in any case you can help by taking a screenshot and submitting a ticket for game support to report it to the devs

      • yep done twice, nothing done so far

  4. It is difficult to find the best way to evaluate willpowers due to complexity of passives.

    Interesting article but as Cosmos mentioned its one skill and rarely will we use 1 skill.

    One approach I used was based on what skills would I pick and then evaluate them based on a 5 skill combination attempting to account for passives/awaken etc. Awaken needs I think a 10 skill combo.

    Oddly enough I evaluated 5 skills with 1 delphic then again with the other delphic. I found in testing that even though it seems like the big hitter single delphic is the best in actual use the AOE delphic works best for overall damage.

    i.e. a 710% single target hit seems like a pile of damage but 440% to each of 8 targets is effectively 3520% damage. Of course it does not work that way with crit/block/etc but overall it needs to be evaluated.

    On a different thread I posted the total % damage by the 5 skill combo without extra effects like passives/awaken etc.

    Still not accurate of course but it does start forming a clearer picture from the muddy waters.

  5. Thank you

    • 🙂

  6. love the work

    • thank you 🙂

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