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Where COSMOS gets Socketing Rods

Hey guys, a lot of people ask where to get socketing rods and I keep on repeating the same thing over and over again – especially for free players you have to do all guild altar spins every day even if it costs half a million gold because that’s the only way for free players to get cash items.

Even for cash players I think it is a good idea to spin it because I think over the long term you definitely profit out of it.

Here is just 1 picture of me getting a socketing rod in the guild altar:

And if you wonder how many I have – not only I have all my equipment fully socket-ed with up to 4 sockets, but I also have 25 in my vault already which is more than i will use.

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  1. Good thing bad thing is you don`t always get a socketing rod every single time you need them like for example today will need three socketing rods because used them. All up will be doing ef nightmare and. Getting the last five soul shards for the new level eighty piece soul barrier for my toon

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