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What is Pumpkin Galore? Wartune Halloween Events

Hey everyone! I got a bunch of messages/emails asking what is Pumpkin Galore – the orange “special” exchange item in Wartune Halloween Events. This is the one which is exchangeable for 888 Big Pumpkins () in the Big Pumpkin Exchange:

Indeed it is the bad job of Wartune Team for not explaining or describing this item at all. Its description (maybe they will fix in the future) says that it is a “special item” and that’s it. This is the main reason why some players are rightfully confused about it.

So this short post is just to clarify that it is used to get the Pumpkin Galore title. First you must exchange to get the item itself which will go to your inventory and then you have to go to your inventory and double-click on it to use it which will make it disappear (don’t worry that’s OK). Then the  Pumpkin Galore title will be activated like any other title. It gives +1000 to attack and +4000 to HP.

My recommendation:

Even though the stats might not be impressive (since due to Wartune changes other features give a lot more stats) I still would recommend players to take this title compared to other exchange choices because this title might not come again. In the title description it specifies that it is from 2018 Halloween and we do have other “dated” titles which never come back, so if you have to sacrifice a mount or clothing set (which both might repeat) I’d definitely recommend to prioritize the title.

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  1. Tbh not worth the amount of pumpkins, for me i would choose to get the clothes title if i dont get the full set on exchanges because the clothes will give more br/stats

    • Hi, yes, stats-wise you are correct, but note my point about this being the last chance to have the title, while clothing might come back again in the future.

      • Indeed you´re right, but i would be more factible under 2 conditions: 1. Raise the daily limit of piles collection to the previous cap, i.e. 100 per day (or even more) & 2. Raising the amount of chests gained by events or lowering the exchanges costs for this cycle. Just make your maths and put in into consideration. 🙂
        Many people besides this anonymous also wants another kinds of itmes to fulfilling their own golas before the upcomig issues on flash player goes into play between next and 2020.

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