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Wartune’s Sylph Arena Overtaken by Avengers

Hey everyone! A new powerful team appeared in Sylph Arena obliterating all enemies! When I first heard about it I did not believe it because they told me that this team is extremely powerful and even destroyed several strong GM players, but later in the day I actually saw them and quickly took a screenshot!

I am now able to share that screenshot proof with you and warn you to be super careful as they are extremely powerful. But if someone does manage to win a battle against them they would receive a massive amount of Sylph Arena points!

Note: it took a big effort to capture this screenshot so I hope you appreciate it! 🙂

Avengers in Wartune Sylph Arena by COSMOS DolyGames

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  1. how to get new sylph?

    • as for Captain America sylph,you need super serum

  2. Lmfao very good

  3. Does it work in India?

  4. the screenshot looks very realistic 🙂 good job

    • thank you 🙂

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