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Wartune Mother’s Day Event – May 2017

Hey guys, in this short post I share with you info and rewards about the upcoming Month’s Day Event in Wartune.

The event gives respect and love to all mothers and gives an opportunity to players to earn extra rewards.

Event Timing & Rewards

Facebook Contest

Wartune Community will launch a Facebook contest where players can post what they love most about their mothers and how grateful they are. 20 players will be selected as winners to receive rewards (gift codes will be sent 19th of May).

Expected launch date is the 12th of May (2017) and going until 14th of May.

In-Game Rewards via Check-in

  • Check-in 2 times: you will obtain 200k Gold + 1-Day VIP Card + 5x Fashion Core + 2x Queen’s Code
  • Check-in 4 times: you will obtain 300k Gold + 30x Star Dust + Sacred Temple Helmet + 5x Queen’s Code
  • Check-in 6 times: you will obtain 500k Gold + 7-Day VIP Card + 80x Adv. Henna + Sacred Temple Weapon
  • Check-in 8 times: you will obtain 800k Gold + 7-Day Spirit Covenant + 10x Mount Hoof + Sacred Temple Armor + Gentle Beast Card
  • Check-in 10 times: you will obtain 1000k Gold + 100x Adv. Henna + Sacred Temple Wings + Chimera Card + 5x Queen’s Code

Activity duration expected: 11th of May (?) to 22nd of May.

Other / Servers

This info is from ProfCity / Wartune Community so certainly this will work on their servers, but I cannot confirm if this will be available to everyone playing Wartune on other platforms, especially the least supported ones like Armor Games (mine) or old Kabam servers.

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So please consider supporting my work via Patreon and check back for new articles and updates at the COSMOS Wartune blog and/or follow announcements on the Twitter page or Facebook page.


  1. very nice, ty.

  2. well dont know about kabam as they moving all wartune accounts to new owners website end of may

  3. awesome, love the check in rewards, idk about FB but will see if i’ve time for writing about my mam
    don’t get me wrong , i love my mon but i don’t wanna share my love 😀 😀 😀
    it’s not even mother’s day , or is it in USA , in egypt it’s on 21 march

  4. I don’t have a face book. I didn’t even finish the facebook quest yet.

  5. Armorgames definitely dont have such event 😀

    • Ya Armorgames servers have always suffered from poor management and lack of interest by the game owners although sometimes they try to issue a small compensation.
      2 lessons to learn from this – never trust bad companies in the future and never play a game on a sub-publisher server who does not care about the players.
      – Cosmos

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