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Wartune Launched on Steam

Hey guys, this news article is about Wartune on Steam. It was launched with a release date of 18 Jul 2016 and is available for anyone to play on the Steam platform.

Initial Wartune Reviews on Steam

The initial dozen or so reviews from Steam players have an “Overall Negative” score and negative recommendation, so not the best start, but they are not so many, so let’s wish Wartune best of luck and hopefully there will be positive reviews as well with time.

If you like Wartune and start playing on Steam remember to put in a positive review.

About account transfer:

Many players asked if their accounts can be transferred to Steam, but unfortunately the official reply is that they cannot be transferred. This is probably due to legal reasons (contracts publishes signed) so this is rather unlucky for all current players as we hear the game performance (lag issues) on Steam is a lot better, quote:

the mini client used on Steam can provide a more fluent game experience

So if you are a new Wartune player it could make good sense to start on Steam. Even semi-new players might consider starting from zero on Steam as it would probably provide a more enjoyable playing experience as you level up.

Other – Wartune description:

Wartune is described on Steam as:

real-time MMORPG + Strategic Town-builder

which I think is not exactly accurate and could be significantly improved. There is no strategic town building in the game, so that part is just wrong, but Wartune is a lot more than this description. Actually from all the surveys / polls we ran most player’s opinion is what makes Wartune special is its diversity of so many different aspects / systems in the game.

There are also phrases like:

Recruit unyielding Guardians

which I have no idea even what that is and I am playing 4 years lol 🙂

Do you know Wartune’s Background story?

A thousand years ago the Void God, Yaros, led the abyss army to strike at the Yaloran Empire. This bloody war turned the rich, fertile land into a barren desert and has claimed the lives of millions of innocents. Humanity needs a hero, will you take them back from the brink of annihilation and defeat the divine terror, Yaros?

Those players who played long ago can definitely remember that Yaros was a very tough boss to beat 🙂
but today…. 😛


  • Do you plan to start playing Wartune on Steam?
  • Do you like / support the expansion of Wartune to a new platform?
  • Other thoughts?

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  1. Why the hell would we start over on steam they just want another income profit product f u wartune u money hungry a wholes

  2. Perhaps it would be nice if they simply move all players to Steam. Technically, is that even possible? But if that’s happen, then we won’t be able to access via mobile phone. So, just fix your goddamn laggy server, Wartune! LoL

    • I believe technically they could do it but legally probably they are blocked

    • The lag is caused by big mistake in design of the barebones of the synchronization mechanism between client and server, barebones that they share across the reused code with games if the same genre.

      Recently (3 months ago) they changed the battle engine to better map titan into game, but the burst behaviour of client/proxy/server is still not changed. So if Steam replaces the client, it still does not solve the issue with the server, especially if debug is not switched off, client scripts are used to emulate afk or premium services … Only thing it solves is underestimated AWS hosting and R2’s buggy monitoring stuff.

      I have Steam on mobile.

  3. I don’t even know what steam is. First I’ve heard of such a thing.

    Cosmos do you have an article for tattoos for mages knighthood? if you do could you plz link me it? Need/want to know the req for maxing tattoos for mages

    • Steam is a big gaming platform.

      RE: tattoos, go to menu above, Guide > Main Hero > Tattoos and you will find all the articles

      • Thank you

  4. I have a steam account and unless they allow account transfers, I won’t be playing it through steam

    • Ya many feel same way, it’s their most frequently asked question apparently

  5. hey Cosmos, since steam has market does that mean wartune items can be bought through steam? for example mounts.. we can now buy it on steam market? or in game wartune only?

    i just wanna clear things out cus ive been using steam for a very long time and all games has been selling/marketing items through steam.

    • Hi i don’t think all Steam games are part of that market, i guess the Steam Wallet systems would have to be integrated into the game (but i am not a big Steam expert so maybe someone else can confirm)

      • sorry i didnt mean all the games. but all the games i am playing on steam ^_^, im playing wartune on steam now 🙂 ill keep track on both my acc on steam and on official website

      • cool, would appreciate it if you can share your feedback here after some time about your Steam experience

      • im not sure if my pc is slow or wartune steam version is the one with issue… when i first opened wartune it was ok. but then it crashed not responding. then now it takes long time to open.. im not sure if its my pc that has issue but thats my feedback for now.

      • how do u get VIP on Steam when the in-game link does not work past the first screen…as in blank? And how do you participate in any of the special events that are actually on the wartune site, have no idea how to log in to the wartune site as a steam player but I can as a Facebook player.

      • You would need to start a new account on Steam; cannot use your existing Facebook account

  6. About being transferred, maybe this is a little different situation but characters on the platforms that just closed recently got transferred At first, they said it couldn’t be done because of tech reasons but it eventually happened. So why can’t it happen here?

    • i guess it all comes down to pressure; we put a lot of pressure on them and our team did the best to support all the suffering players and everyone was super happy for the solution to come through at the last second, so perhaps, like in real life, if enough people come together anything is possible

    • If you dive into login page, you will find that every publisher has same login code – all characters are identified by UID and Domain, so transfer is possible, at least within a Domain.

      I understand the issues of transferring single characters such as guild leaders, couples etc, but transfer of full Domain (like those closed recently) is matter of hours/days.

  7. Wartune deserves it’s bad rating and reputation on Steam and elsewhere! It’s little more than a scam artists n game’s clothing.

  8. I’m still puzzled with the whole transfer thing. I remember reading a forum post from a user that said they were able to get their character transferred from one server to another. Others thought it was going to be possible for them but discovered that it wasn’t allowed or couldn’t be done (this was R2).

    At the time, I really wanted to transfer my knight character over but was told it couldn’t be done. I want to pick up the game again but not sure where or even if it should be attempted.

    As for the story, I’m not sure what happened but when I started the introduction was completely different from the introduction of the start over charie.

  9. Steam Wartune is awesome (no lag) but if you plan on cashing, it is a hassle. You need to send a ticket ‘every’ time you buy balens or VIP and wait a week or so before you get what you paid for, as Steam wallet balance goes down but Proficient City does not get the money.

    As long as the ticket has a screenshot of the email Steam sends you about the payment, you’re fine. Annoying you have to wait, but worth it for no lag.

    • Thanks for sharing

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