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Wartune Events (MOTHER’S DAY) 11 MAY 2018

Hey everyone, in this article I share the Wartune Events for the 11th of May 2018 (article + video) which include special Mother’s Day events.

Article Content:

  • Special notes and/or new type of Wartune events or exchanges (if any)
  • Link to REFERENCE article for exact configuration
  • “Normal” events’ summary in bullet points
  • Exchanges summary in bullet points (if any)
  • Summary of balen events
  • New mount or clothing (if any)
  • Video of events (link YouTube)

Special Notes

  • Extra login gift: Daru x10000000, Gold x10000000, Will Gear x5, Energy Stone x1, Clothing Refinement Stone x10, Blood of Zeus x100
  • Free event chest in Shop: No
  • RAVE Event: not STARTING probably due to launch of Mother’s Day events (see below)
  • Normally no special purpose about this event cycle – it’s sort of an in-between-er, but Mother’s Day special events were launched now, which includes:
  • 2 Lucky Exchanges
  • Balen Events
  • Hot Exchanges

Mother’s Day Events

The picture below shows the 2 Lucky Exchanges. For FULL details please refer to the video.

Event Chest / Event Items

The normal event items remain but 2 more are added for Mother’s Day:

  • Main event item: Blood Dagger:
  • Mini event item: Magic Bow:
  • Mother’s Day event item 1: Mother’s Day Card 2018:
  • Mother’s Day event item 2: Carnation 2018:
  • Mother’s Day event item 3: A Gift for Mother 2018:

Reference to Events Config

If you want to see exact configuration of events please check the video or refer to my page: Wartune Events Configuration REFERENCE

Events & Exchanges Summary

Regular events

  • Login – 3 days: receive rewards just for logging in. Options for all players as well as VIP players. There is also a daily login for 7 days which includes +10 mount on day 3, +20 mount on day 5 and +30 mount on day 7.
  • Wheel of Fate – 7 days: During the event, spin the Wheel of Fate X times to receive rewards.
  • Sylph Arena – 7 days: Participate in the Sylph Arena 10 times to receive rewards. Once per day.
  • Increase Your Honor – 7 days: Increase your Honor by 500, to receive rewards. Once per day.
  • Defend Sylph Atoll (Advanced) – 7 days: Defeat X Advanced Sylphs in the Defend Atoll Event to get rewards.
  • Henna Lab Harvest – 7 days: Collect X Henna from the Lab.
  • Guild Treasure (dig) – 7 days: Dig up 1-2 Guild Treasures for rewards. A daily event.
  • SPECIAL: Mother’s Day Devotion – 7 days: achieve 50 to 150 devotion to collect rewards; Cast Stones, Polishing Orbs, event items


  • Standard Event Chest & Mini-Event Item Exchange – 9 days: various standard exchanges that repeat every month. INTERESTING = Symbiosis Stone max 99. Also make sure to exchange the 10 Clothing Shards.
  • SPECIAL: Gift for Mother Exchange – 8 days: Many nice items offered for exchange including mounts in exchange for the event item “Gift for Mother 2018”
  • SPECIAL: Carnation Exchange – 8 days: Also many nice items to exchange for including a Purple Pennant!

Semi-casher events

  • None.

Casher events

  • 6 day consecutive recharge ANCIENT RELICS (7 days) – 500, 2000, 4000 or 10,000 daily recharge for rewards
  • Epic Spender (7 days) – 2000 to 50000 balen spending rewards. Rewards include a level 10 Will Crystal and 2000 Smelting Stones.
  • Titan Training (2 days) up to 750 times with balens only
  • Talent Upgrade (2 days) up to 30,000 balens only

YouTube Video Link:

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  1. I’m so confused on how this mother’s day event work…is it sort of like a mini holiday event?

    I know it’s nothing compared to the valetines event…but I want to get a good understanding of this event on whether or not I should use my resources.

    • Like any event, gather event items, exchange for rewards. Does not require rocket science 🙂

  2. war tune still has not fix the pennet system up grade from green 2 blue to etc and the is still no grass for dragen chat beast casher only system see if this wil tack them 3 years 2 fix like world boss

    • Grass was in lucky exchange just a few weeks ago

  3. Really nice for the advance tatto. Any news in the cloud city chests? They drop any mother ítem?
    Ty Cosmos great job as always.

    • Thanks for appreciating my work Marcus 🙂
      Sorry i didn’t get additional info on cloud city chests i had to run to work.

  4. ooohh…I hope there would be holy forge event so I can use the gold and materials i’ve been saving up.

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