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Wartune Events 29 September 2017

Hey everyone, in this article I share the Wartune Events 29 September 2017 (article + video).

Article Content:

  • Special notes and/or new type of Wartune events or exchanges (if any)
  • Link to REFERENCE article for exact configuration
  • “Normal” events’ summary in bullet points
  • Exchanges summary in bullet points (if any)
  • Summary of balen events
  • New mount or clothing (if any)
  • Video of events (link YouTube)

Special Notes

  • Extra login gift: Daru x10000000, Gold x10000000, Fusion Chi x5, Energy Stone x1, Clothing Refinement Stone x5, Blood of Zeus x100
  • Free event chest in Shop: No
  • RAVE Event: is ONsee dedicated Rave article
  • No special purpose about this event cycle – it’s sort of an in-between-er.

Event Chest

  • The event chest Devil’s Ring #2 finished.
  • The new event chest is the Magic Book #1
  • The event mini-item is Medal of Courage.

Reference to Events Config

If you want to see exact configuration of events please refer to my page: Wartune Events Configuration REFERENCE

Events & Exchanges Summary

Regular events

  • Login – 3 days: receive rewards just for logging in. Options for all players as well as VIP players. There is also a daily login for 7 days which includes +10 mount on day 3, +20 mount on day 5 and +30 mount on day 7.
  • Sky Trail – 7 days: Use Energy in the Sky Trail event to receive rewards.
  • Sylph Arena – 7 days: Participate in the Sylph Arena 10 times to receive rewards. Once per day.
  • Increase Your Honor – 7 days: Increase your Honor by 500, to receive rewards. Once per day.
  • Defend Sylph Atoll (Advanced) – 7 days: Defeat X Advanced Sylphs in the Defend Atoll Event to get rewards.
  • Henna Lab Harvest – 7 days: Collect X Henna from the Lab. Now includes 200 Advanced Henna for top reward. Removed.
  • Guild Treasure (dig) – 7 days: Dig up 1-2 Guild Treasures for rewards. A daily event.


  • Standard Event Chest & Mini-Event Item Exchange – 9 days: various standard exchanges that repeat every month. No special or new item to highlight.

Semi-casher events

  • None.

Casher events

  • 8 day consecutive recharge (8 days) – 2000, 4000 or 10000 daily recharge for rewards – items for Willpower (note they made a mistake and put it as 6 day duration)
  • 5 day consecutive recharge (6 days) – includes various rewards
  • Epic Spender (7 days) – 2000 to 50000 balen spending rewards
  • Titan Training (2 days) up to 750 times with balens only
  • Talent Upgrade (2 days) up to 30,000 balens only

YouTube Video Link:

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  1. Again no clothing shards and this is the week when everyone gets a lot of items to exchange… Garbage decision. They keep ruining the game.. They removed adv henna from lab events hahaha a bunch of trash.

    • in your case, most of the time the problem is on you. i’m not defending wartune, but your lack of knowledge and attitude is appalling.

      1. today is the start of a new cycle, so it’s not there yet, after the reset they will be there, your precious cloth shard exchange.

      2. the adv henna on the lab is depend on the lab level. it’s still there, on lvl 10 it is one guaranteed adv henna plus possibility of extra.

      i hate the greedy bas tards both wartune publishers and devs but people like you are as bad

      • noob)
        1. this event cycle must have clothing shards in lucky exchange from 1st day
        2. he meant they removed 200 adv henna in rewards from henna event not labs
        so I see only one bas tard here…its you

  2. Chastity & Bobarrone is right to be removed from Wartune forever

    • Don’t be jelly just because you have a problem with cashers. They’re the ones who keep the game alive. Buck up and start cashing, or shut your mouth. Boba is one of the nicest people, tyvm.

  3. >.> must be the Willpower event is going on here, and maybe once that over. There might bring back clothing shards, cause I don’t think there might 4get about we do have clothes exchange shards event. lol

  4. If removing clothing shards from lucky exchange is permanent and replacing them with silly bloods of zeus then might as well stop doing events…. That garbage they are offering now in exchanges is bs.

  5. Boba is life <3

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