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Wartune Events 29 October 2015

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 29 October 2015:

FOR ALL – Wartune Events 29 October 2015

Resistance / Will crystal synthesis – 3 days

Crystal Synth for level 5 to level 11. Unlimited collection of only crystals is possible.

Holy Forge – 3 days

Unlimited collection also possible for 3x Holy Forging you get 1 Broom Box, 1 Vulcan Pack and 200k gold. And below are the daily rewards:

CASHER EVENTS – Wartune Events 29 October 2015

Halloween Dimension Spender – 3 days

Big Spender – 1 day

EXCHANGES – Wartune Events 29 October 2015

Halloween Dimension Exchange – 3 days

Spooky Gift Exchange Rewards Cosmos’s Advice
Spooky Gift x15 1 Basic Dimension Essence 5% not worth it, forget it
Spooky Gift x30 1 Intermediate Dimension Essence 5% not worth it, forget it
Spooky Gift x100 1 Advanced Dimension Essence 5% not worth it, forget it
Spooky Gift x300 1 Expert Dimension Essence 5% not worth it, forget it
Broom Box x15 1 Basic Coordinate Chest has practically no value, forget it
Broom Box x30 1 Intermediate Coordinate Chest has practically no value, forget it
Broom Box x100 1 Advanced Coordinate Chest not worth 100
Broom Box x300 1 Expert Coordinate Chest not worth 300


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  1. Is it spooky gifts or broom boxes for the dim chests? Either way, I don’t think many people will be doing that exchange.

    • sorry you are right it was broom box, but the funny thing is that even if it was spooky gift it would not be worth it like you also said

  2. So is there unlimited and is that also cut off at lvl 5 now? That’s what it sounds like?

    • for the RES? ya it’s exactly same way as in the past, duplicate for each level

      • aww so its cut off at lvl 5 that sucks at least its there i guess. tho my rewards are lower then i was hoping oh well thank you ^-^

  3. How do I get Broom Boxes and other event items?

    • is this a trick question? 🙂 by doing the events in the hot events or buying them in the shop

  4. whats next ? start all synth events at lvl 8 ? so that lower players dont even have chance to get 1 fkin reward ? been starting when tailoring changed 1 event later to start at lvl 5 and still dont have a lvl 6 piece. and as noncash player u dont have 5 dims to get crystals from, cause all better than basic get invaded from some “brave cash nobb coward”.

    think its time to skip this ship game and play some good games .gw2 will be good sub, cause with new addon its for sure more fun than this timetaking collection of shit

    • in general i agree with you that they should not penalize smaller players, but specifically for resistance it is not a huge deal because it is rather easy to get to level 5 using dimensions as even a free player can get 10k shards per day with 2 x expert

      • im a newer player on server 159 and its hard i have spent 100mil on dimensions and i have got nothing but basic and a few int. my only good pulls are 2 expert dimension which i cannot do yet because i still have trouble with the (M). tho at this point i am considering trying them after getting established it might be fine but as a new player it can really push people away.

      • and by the time i get to be able to do lvl 5 at a decent pace they may shorten it to 6 or 7 or even 8 as he said.

      • i understand you, but don’t give up, you will be ok, keep fighting and getting stronger and just do your best + remember to enjoy, it’s a game 🙂
        i definitely agree with you that events should include everyone

      • They should just make it 3-max and be done with it not add and take :/. If i enjoy the game I’ll spend money but if i see you doing crap exchanges and trying to pinch pennies forget it

      • I’m sorry, I have to disagree with you on that being ‘rather easy’. ONLY if they have the strength to earn the gold to spend on chests thru their guild shop, just to try their luck in getting the higher dimensions. I have guildies who are level 80 long-time VIPs with 2mil BRs that have only gotten a couple of advanced between them and one got AN expert. They call me ‘lucky’ because I finally earned the advance title and am 1 short of getting the expert (I’m a non-casher and can only have 2 at a time – 3 if I use a VIP coupon).

  5. wth are r2 doin april fools day is next year only a complete moron would exchange for those dim stuff lmao

  6. make that 5 dims if you use vip coupon

  7. yes 2 expert as a non vip (or non cash doesnt matter). serious ? problem is not to get higher dimensions but to keep them cause they dont have a system behind being save to not get invaded. (there should be a save dim that not can be invaded, so all have the chance to get a minimum of chrystals.

    asked in ticket and got answer its random (what is their favorite option for everything, cause so they can cheat and just say was “random” and they def cheat on players: ex.: cloud adventures u often get multiple “1” when ur close to finish with everything but a “1”, with that “luck” in a casino i would be millionaire and could spend thousands on this game without thinking about it. also in underground palace, can tell u with 90% when i see possible drops what it will be: of course the lowest drop of all)

    so there is a big diff between the 2 possible expert dimensions and the reality. the bigger players who have zig millions on their account can easily buy some dim chest, lower ones have to decide where to spend their little gold.

    think other problem will be the diff between lower br players (noncash, low cash, vip only without spending extra money) and big cash players.

    as soon as diff gets too big lowers will quit game cause they have no chance to get closer to normal. so when lowers quit , low cashers and mid cashers will follow sooner or later, cause they have no victims to bash in arena, bg, cw or… at end game will die

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