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Wartune Events 27 July 2015

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 27 July 2015:

  • Resistance crystals synthesis for 2 days (collections 1 time per day max!) from level 3 and up to level 8 crystals.
  • Extra bonus items for a 500 balen recharge (see bottom of page)
  • 1 day big spender (1000 balens up to 20,000 balens)

Wartune Events 27 July 2015:

500 balen recharge bonus pack:

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  1. Huh…so they’re sticking with lvl 3-8, even with all these crystal shards we’re getting now…interesting.

    • Yeah, but it went from unlimited to 1 time per day collection. It’ll slow down Res crystal growth quite a bit. All the shards from Dimes did was make maps pointless.

      • it’s been 1 per day for a while…

    • that’s not a problem, we can wait a bit, let’s just pray that they don’t again nerf the dimensions otherwise we will lose our income

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