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Wartune Events 23 NOV 2018 (2 Thanksgiving Mounts)

Hi everyone! In this post I share the Wartune Events 23 NOV 2018. I post in a simpler format as the day is a very simple one with login / balen opportunities + 2 Thanksgiving mounts but nothing else to do in terms of actual activities.

I’ll highlight briefly points of interest:

  1. In terms of events as I mentioned nothing super impressive, just some very basic Dimensions, Arena, Henna Lab, Atoll
  2. In Exchanges, there are a bunch of items but I’ll point out only:
    • some Eudaemon items that could be of interest such as 150 RES Essence for 30 chests or 1000 Blood of Zeus for 100 chests
    • the Yarn Ball from chests is again 999 in case that might be interesting within the next 9 days
  3. The Balen Group purchase is back with 3 items on it:
    • Thanksgiving Bird Imposter +600 Stats Mount (18000 balens starting price without group benefit)
    • Thankful Turkey +500 Stats Mount (15000 balens starting price without group benefit)
    • and full Royal Thanksgiving clothing set with wings (4800 balens starting price without group benefit)
  4. There are some gifts:
    • a normal Login gift
    • a Wings gift as thanks to players
    • a compensation
    • normal Online duration rewards
    • and Balen Rebate for recharging

Below please see the videos of mounts and the events:

Thanksgiving Bird Imposter

Thankful Turkey

Wartune Events 23 NOV 2018 Video

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  1. Hi, Any info on Cornicopia? Thanks

    • For corn: this was the comment one of the players left in my word hints article: “This years event item Celebration Corn was found in the Worg Lair on Normal mode blitz, you only need to blitz one time.”

  2. So all old clothes and old mounts from previous thanksgivings

  3. So Thankyou-Letter event chests continue?

  4. some crappy cycles in last little while , this one is lame as the mts and clothes

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