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Wartune Events 19-22 November 2015

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 19 to 22 November 2015 from our research (will update if needed), so we hope you will all like and appreciate and share:

Wartune Events 19 November 2015


Eudaemon Upgrade unlimited

When it comes to the kid upgrade events remember that if you don’t have the kid you want then you might choose to skip this event and gather more Blood of Zeus waiting for the next one rather than upgrading a kid you don’t really need or like. For example the next kid i am looking for is the Wind Ranger and i just don’t seem to get him from Summon so I am gonna gather and wait.

Eudaemon Upgrade daily rewards:

Divinity Soul synthesis daily

Divinity synthesis is a no-brainer if you have those souls, which is a bit difficult because the minimum event reward starts from level 5.

Holy Water refine unlimited

Long-playing players will have a problem with this event because they probably maxed out all refines on all sylphs on previous events. That said, long-playing players don’t really need normal mahra due to the new expedition rewards and the 50k gold is not really a big amount.

Login Event

Everyone welcomes a nice little login 🙂

Sylph Arena

Especially good for smaller players.

Astral Hunter

Don’t really stress about this one. Even if you can’t do it (e.g. non-vip clicking) it’s really not a major issue. One trick if you are lazy or lack of time is to just click the grey star and sell all. The best trick of course is to use our macro recorder.

Blessing Wheel


Epic Spender

If you do this one combine it with the other balen spenders to get the most benefit. See below for more info on those. This one, as usual, goes from 2000 to 80,000 balen spending.

Wartune Events 20 November 2015


Gem Synthesis daily rewards

Careful there does not seem to be a duplicate reward so only do I suggest 1 time per day for each level of whatever you have and wait for duplicate event to do more.

Gem Master one time

Gem Master event got better I think because it is giving the “chests” as well as the little exchange item.


No new one, but see below for the Balen Spenders 21-22-23 Nov.

Wartune Events 21 November 2015


Runestone Consumption unlimited

A great little event for rune usage giving 50 runestones back:

Rune Exchange Upgrade

Rune Exchange is same as in the past. About the upgrade not sure if it will happen but i will just put it since i have them on same picture.


Consecutive Recharge Bonus

Recharge amounts reset at midnight every day- Recharge a minimum of 500 Balens every day to join the event.

One Time Recharge Gift

See below Balen Spenders 21-22-23 Nov.

Wartune Events 22 November 2015


Sylph Upgrade unlimited

Use 20 mahra to get 5 back:

and the daily rewards up to 1000 mahra:

Sylph Tamer

(same as before) One time collection only, ever.


See below Balen Spenders 21-22-23 Nov.


Thanksgiving Card Chest Exchange

Thanksgiving Corn EXCHANGE – 20 November 2015

Clothing Shard EXCHANGE – 19 November 2015

  • Oriental set x100 clothing shards
  • Sacred Temple set x100 clothing shards
  • Fabulous set x100 clothing shards
  • Feathered Witch set x100 clothing shards
  • Alpha Lion set x100 clothing shards
  • Anniversary Blood Thirst set x80 clothing shards
  • Assassin set x65 clothing shards
  • Royal Crusader set x45 clothing shards


Balen Spender- 20-21-22 November 2015

Big Spender 1 day – 20-21-22 November 2015


Thanksgiving Card Chest

Royal Guardian Card

Oriental Elegance clothing set A

Violet Night clothing set S

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  1. It seems like the Div Soul synthesis is bugged BIG time…look at the level 6 Div Soul reward.

    • The picture shows a level 6 divinity soul as reward. It’s not a bug – wartune just decided to make the level 6 div soul orange for some reason.

  2. She is so much dedicated to her acc if she is a non casher than 60% of her br is real I mean that without kid she has the br approaching a pro without kid. Pro get a br boost from kid’s equip which free players can’t get max a free player can get is blue equips for its kids so I think her real br is nearly 1.1mil+ . I am a free user mage I don’t have much mounts but my mount stats are 7k Intel 6k eudo nd def 5k strength .but I m mostly in top 5 mages in the server where as most of my server is casher

  3. so, we can get abyssal glowfish from chests with luck, and buy the royal guardian with chests in exchange event ? or is it some mastermind trick ?

    • Dont trust this picture. Last times there were some mistakes too, but the released events had the corrected rewards.

      Or do you think, you have to spend 120 chest or 30 chests for the weapon? Wherever these events come from, they are only a short overview.

      • sorry but that’s a rather unfair judgement on the work done; the posts have been 95%+ accurate with only 1-2 mistakes only sometimes (and that’s not mistakes on our side either, but on their setup side)

      • completely agreee. DOLYGAMES always get this right.
        It’s THEM committing errors!

      • the 120 chests is for the wings every event,you know this Jim regardless of what the picture shows. you know that jim so dont be an ass.

      • (Answer to Jim)
        Why don’t trust the picture? Is always the repetitive copy and paste from r2games forum to the blog. Do you think r2games do errors on their own game?

      • Because they made mistakes all the time.

        Now, with the release, they changed it to the correct version with wings and the fish mount.

        This was no critisim against dolygames. It only should say, that this are not the final rewards, like the last time.

  4. there no soul chrystal event ? what abot the smal playas ? not all playen for years or spend mach maney

    • Souls crystals event, from what i know, was removed after last Upgrade. And also some new blood in R2 team. They now merge European Servers with Oceanic servers. Really? Yes… and they do it without anyone asking for that. But what players ask they NOT do. Hope nobody from ISIS play Wartune… or after Paris…

      • where did you read that about the merge, if you look on forum, merge topic, the merge eur and oceanic, arent merging together, its 2 differend merge’s.

  5. we can use to organize balens lock the wedding?

    • no i think it is only unbound balens

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