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Wartune Events 18 July 2017

Hey everyone, in this article I share the Wartune Events 18 July 2017 (article + video).

Article Content:

  • Special notes and/or new type of Wartune events or exchanges (if any)
  • Link to REFERENCE article for exact configuration
  • “Normal” events’ summary in bullet points
  • Exchanges summary in bullet points (if any)
  • Summary of balen events
  • New mount or clothing (if any)
  • Video of events (link YouTube)
  • Video of events (link Facebook)

Special Notes

  • Extra login gift: Daru x10000000, Gold x10000000, Adv. Mahra x100, Sylph Soul Orb x20, Fusion Chi x5, Energy Stone x1
  • Free event chest in Shop: YES
  • RAVE Event: is not running
  • This event cycle is aimed at upgrading sylph equipment, but it is not a very important or impressive event cycle.

Event Chest

  • The event chest Missing Chapter #1 finished.
  • The new event chest is the Missing Chapter #2.
  • The event mini-item remains Glacier Chunk. Glacier Chunk icon event chest of Wartune Events 7 July 2017

Reference to Events Config

If you want to see exact configuration of events please refer to my page: Wartune Events Configuration REFERENCE

Events & Exchanges Summary

Regular events

  • Mount Training (v-25-1500 return) – 3 days: Train mounts in the Stables. A good event giving a lot of Whips back.
  • Mount Refining – 3 days: Refine mounts.
  • Divinity Soul Synthesis – 3 days: During the event, synthesize Level X Divinity Soul(s) to receive rewards.
  • Holy Water Sipper – 3 days: Use X Golden Holy Water to receive rewards.
  • Sylph Equipment Enchant – 3 days: Enchant Sylph Equipment X times to receive rewards.


  • Sylph Enchantment Exchange – 3 days: Exchange Event Chests for various sylph equipment related items.

Semi-casher events

  • Holy Sword Leveling – 3 days: receive Polishing Orbs for achieving various milestones (one time per lifetime rewards).

Casher events

  • Big Spender (1 day) – extra rewards for spending 1000-15000 balens; sylph items
  • Big Spender (Sylph Items)(1 day) – 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000, 9000 or 15000 recharge for rewards
  • One Time Goodie Bag (3 days) – discount coupons rewarded for balen spending (2000 coupon for 5000+ spending, 200 coupon for 1000+ spending and 50 coupon for 500+ spending)
  • Mount Training Balens (3 days) – spend balens to train stables 100-3000 times; rewards = Beast Souls, Event chests and gold
  • Sylph Enchantment Consumption Spender (3 days) – extra rewards for spending 2000-50000 balens; sylph items
  • Beast Soul Chest Exchange (3 days) – exchange for mounts including the new Space Shuttle mount +600 stats

Space Shuttle +600 Stats Mount Video


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Facebook Link

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  1. It´s been a while since a visit your page. Let me tell you that this work is great!
    the analysis and results really help me.


    • Hi, thanks for appreciating my work 🙂
      – COSMOS

  2. hmm strange, my dimension occupy event has disappear, only left dim energy & dim trial events on hot events button.

    • Well, if you are friends with CNN then you can blame the Russians
      – COSMOS

  3. heyy Cosmos ,
    i wanted to ask : wasn’t there a feature in game that let you sell your items in exchange for balens
    like u offer them in a market if it sold( an other player bought it ) you get balense and to extend your offer time you use bound balense
    it was released about a year ago or something
    is it true ? i can’t remember if it’s true or i just dreamed of it cus when i asked my guildie they didn’t know about .
    i quit a year ago so i don’t know what happened to it

    • There is a coding of an Auction system in Wartune, however, it was never installed in the web version, but it did exist in the different WHOH mobile version

      • ty vm Cosmos 🙂

      • 🙂

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