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Wartune Events 12 to 15 November 2015

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 12 to 15 November 2015 from our research (will update if needed), so we hope you will all like and appreciate and share:

Wartune Events 12 November 2015


Sylph Upgrade unlimited

25% back for everything you use + 5 Sylph EXP scrolls + 100k gold = thumbs up! 🙂

Sylph Upgrade daily rewards

On top of the unlimited event there are also daily rewards for up to 1000 mahra upgrades, which also give out the event box, so definitely participate if you have enough mahra.


Always a pleasant one, nice little login event to grab onto:

Also seems like there is a second login event:

Increase Honor

During the event, raise 500 Honor, to receive:

  • 100 insignia
  • 1 double honor scroll
  • and 1 Corn on the Cob exchange item

Blessing Wheel

This one was always tricky with the different reset timings, but now we have only 1 time so should be ok – a pretty solid reward for especially lower BR people:

Sylph Tamer

The “good” old sylph tamer where you can collect rewards only one time ever:


Consecutive Recharge

A nice event giving out Beast Souls and Truncheons. A good opportunity to grab it if you can recharge 5 times in 5 days:

Epic Spender

Wartune Events 13 November 2015


Leveling Login

(don’t have details on what’s inside yet)

Mount Refine unlimited

Generally for both the unlimited and the daily Mount Refine / Mount Hoof event, I would only suggest this to people who are significantly behind mount refinement; otherwise, for most people it’s probably better to wait for better rewards, because these are “meh” no good.

Mount Refine daily rewards


Epic Spender

I am not sure why there are 2 Epic Spenders in 2 days so either they redesign or they replace one with the other:

Big Spender

Wartune Events 14 November 2015


Sylph Enchant unlimited

Sylph Enchant daily

Going up to 1000 sylph enchants with sepulcrum for daily rewards if you got that many:


One time recharge bound balen rewards – unlimited

Going up to 50,000 balens now – nutz 😛

Big Spender

Wartune Events 15 November 2015


Clothing identification rewards

Clothing synthesis WINGS

Clothing synthesis CLOTHING

Clothing synthesis rewards 2 (the extra boxes unlimited)


Big Spender


Pumpkin Pie Pack Exchange

Pumpkin Pie Exchange – Wartune Events 13 November 2015


Magma Dragon Card item description:

Corn on the Cob item description:

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  1. Thank you for this info

    • 🙂

      • please do video how to get lots of mounts for free

      • hey buddy the only way you can maximize that is if you always open all boxes, take beast souls in any rewards you can find, so as you can see it’s not that easy

  2. what the corn for?

    • it’s like the little exchange event item

  3. what are the event box drops?

    • didn’t have that info yet, will try to get it

  4. ty 4 the post!.. but what are the event chest drops?

    • didn’t have that info yet, will try to get it

  5. Thanks for all your efforts, I really appreciate it 🙂

    • awesome thanks

  6. Is there no spec event? D: and have they nerfed the hoof event as well?

  7. There is no event since yesterday and today.what happen to R2?

  8. There is no event since yesterday and today.what happen to R2?

  9. Thank you for this info

  10. perfect with the sepulcrum event i will max my gaia so i´ll finally refine it to hecate 😀 and also i will start to make my 3rd sylph, cause my 1st is 147k+ br gaia 100k br and my 3rd only 38k br and al the other are like 26k lol

  11. how much balen to open box kingsly steed card bro,?!

    • you mean the compensation mount? that one came without a box, it was the loyal steed i think that was inside the 4999 box

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