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Wartune Events 10 Mar 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 10 Mar 2016:

Login – 3 days

During the event non-VIP players can check-in to receive: 1 + 2 + 200k
During the event, VIP players can check-in to receive: 2 + 10

Blessing Wheel – 7 days

Note: 5 Mahra increased to 10 Mahra compared to previous event.

Daily Rewards
During the event spin the Blessing Wheel 3 times to receive: 100 1 10 200k

Sylph Arena – 7 days

(rewards: once per day)



Participate in the Sylph Arena 10 times to receive: 20 20 1 200k


Cupcake Chest Exchange 1 – 7 days

Exchange Clover Box x1 to receive: 3 or 3 or 1
or 2 x level 1 HP diamond
Exchange Clover Box x30 to receive: Tree Elf Blade (weapon) (S Quality)
Tree Elf Ornament (hat) (S Quality)
Tree Elf Armor (body) (S Quality)
Exchange Clover Box x120 to receive: no wings
Exchange Clover Box x1200 to receive: no mount
Exchange Clover Box x1 to receive: 10 Rainbow

Clover Box (RAINBOW) Exchange – 7 days

Exchange Rainbow x1 to receive: 10k gold or
3 level 40 legend stones or
2 level 50 legend stones or
1 level 60 legend stone
Exchange Rainbow x3 to receive: 10 soul crystal or
1 white iron or
1 rough stone
Exchange Rainbow x5 to receive: 5 whips or
1 level 2 gem or

Clothing Shard Exchange – 7 days

  • 120 Clothing Shards for Crystal Swan set (A Quality) – added (picture below)
  • 120 Clothing Shards for Frosty Christmas set (S Quality) – added (picture below)
  • 120 Clothing Shards for Reborn Phoenix set (S Quality)
  • 120 Clothing Shards for Majestic set (A Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Lilac set (A Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Flaming set (S Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Violet Night set (S Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Solemn Angel set (A Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Dreamy Orchid set (S Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Haunted Halloween set (A Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Egyptian Pharaoh set (A Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Venus’ set (S Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Oriental set (A Quality) – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Sacred Temple set (A Quality) – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Fabulous set (S Quality) – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Feathered Witch set – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Alpha Lion set – removed
  • 80 Clothing Shards for Anniversary Blood set – removed
  • 65 Clothing Shards for Assassin set – removed
  • 45 Clothing Shards for Royal Crusader – removed
  • 40 Clothing Shards for a random chest – removed
  • 3 Clothing Shards for a Fashion Core or Good Luck Charm


Consecutive Recharge – 6 days

Note: Recharge amounts reset at midnight every day. Recharge a minimum of 500 Balens every day to join the event. When a player recharges, they must log in to the game to activate the recharge.
Empire Truncheon

Clover Box
Recharge 1 day during the event to receive: 100 5 15 1
Recharge 2 days during the event to receive: 200 10 30 2
Recharge 3 days during the event to receive: 300 20 60 3
Recharge 4 days during the event to receive: 400 30 120 5
Recharge 5 days during the event to receive: 500 50 300 10

Epic Spender – 7 days

  • 2000, 5000, 10k, 30k, 50k, 80k balen spending
  • focused on various rewards, most notably, for the 80k tier: 1000 advanced henna and 1000 beast souls or 160 Fashion Cores / Good Luck Charms and 1000 beast souls

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Clover Box item description

Crystal Swan set (A Quality)

Frosty Christmas set (S Quality)

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    • possible friday

    • nobody knows as there is no in advance communication by game owners, but players guess and gossip a lot 🙂
      at present we can see at most about 1 day in advance depending on which time zone you are in

    • that what I been waiting for I have 3k

      • yay..if they keep making us mad and remove the last unlimited event : mahra, sep event. We need much more mahra, sep to redeem all. And receive much less gold too.

  2. again same system of events like this week… no wings in chest but wings exist this means exist and mounts and again need buy tons of boxes to get set.

  3. when you get the set of costume with clothing shards, are wings included?

    • yes you get full set and title

  4. I got one question Eliatan, how do I get more points to lvl up my KH skills? with exp, how much, where can I see that? ty

    • you see it on….brace yourself, it is gonna be a schocker…your exp bar, same old exp bar. it is 285 M exp for lvl 1 KH? then 290, 295, 300 and so on

  5. Has anyone tried to recycle the dog mount.

    • yes it recycles

  6. So if they’re making it so that you can’t get the wings in exchange how else will we get the title? Do we have to wait until it’s included in the clothing shard exchange or what? Also how are they going to add the new chest but no events to accompany it? man r2..

    • If it is anything like this current set of events was, you could spend balens to get the full clothing set, there is a second box that is balen only and you need 210 of them to get full set.

      Me, I am not spending anymore on this game, not even vip or covenant.

      • So basically unless you’re a casher you can’t get the title. What a gyp.

        I 100% regret renewing my vip after months of nothing having it.

      • Yes I agree, if the events stay like this then it is time to quit.

  7. how many BS from dog?? pls ans ty

    • I heard you get 400

    • exch 100 boxes

      • only 1 mount aloud

      • This is not the first exchange they had for this mount. Some got it the first time.

  8. Thanks Woody!

  9. Yes it is 400 Beast Souls

  10. wow no more wings exchange…getting worst

  11. now we can collect many box anymorre , i see no free events to get Clover Box ?! 🙁

    • sorry ,can’t not can

  12. Take it calm – we had many free events where we got alot of…. now is time for some reduction in my opinion. 😀

  13. I need suggestion for new game

  14. Which clothing sets got the titles?

    I only found one in the title list…Do all The S quality got titles?

  15. Try playing ESO.

  16. there´s no mahra event fail in the game

  17. where´s the mahra event?

  18. hi
    the egyptian and venus cloth set has no title rite??

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