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VIP Benefits Outdated and Alternative Choices

Hey guys, in this article we look at the VIP membership benefits in Wartune and show that the benefits are already outdated even after the update / improvement in one of the previous patches and, at the bottom, we give you our recommendation regarding your balen spending related to VIP. This article is especially for very light cashers (up to max $30 per month) or those players who are thinking to sign up for VIP.

We start by going into the 19 benefits or privileges of VIP level 9 as the top VIP benefit (so keep in mind that lower levels will be less):

Looking into the VIP Benefits 1 to 6:

1) Probably the most useful VIP benefit over the years has been the reduced honor loss in the Battlegrounds. However, a lot has changed in the game which has reduced the importance of this. Firstly, there are players who never participate in the Battlegrounds, or barely ever. Naturally for these players there is no benefit here. Secondly, the gap between lower and higher BR players has increased significantly over the years. This means that if you are a low BR VIP you can’t beat the high BR anyways, so no benefit in terms of honor. And visa versa, if you are a high BR player you can beat the lower BR ones and don’t need a VIP benefit to protect you really.
We are not saying this is a useless benefit, we are saying that there are many more reasons today compared to previous years for this benefit to be less important.

2) 1-Click Bless is indeed a comfort feature, but players don’t lose much at all by completely skipping this entire feature.

3 + 4) Auto Astral capture and 1-Click capture are indeed useful for people who still have a lot of work to do on their astrals, but for veteran players the astrals can be pretty much forgotten and since the Hot Events for astrals are useless as well there is no big benefit in this.

5) The VIP mount used to be nice when mounts had low stats, but with the large +400 mounts running around in the current Wartune version, the tiny VIP mount is negligible completely.

6) Auto check-in: nice but 1 click that anyone can do.

Next onto VIP Benefits 7 to 12:

7) Gift pack – see below.

8) VIP Tokens have been outdated in their user-unfriendly use and benefit for years already.

9) Removing CD for construction – what construction? For the vast majority of players construction does not exist for years anymore. This benefit could be revitalized if there would be more city building implemented in the game, but it is practically useless in the current version.

10) Increased friends capacity used to be nice, but in reality you can get along with the standard list if you are willing to delete people you never talk to or who have quit the game.

11) Skipping battles in Sylph Arena is nice, but for the majority of players the entire Sylph Arena can be skipped completely or just doing one time per day or whatever.

12) 150% EXP bonus in dungeons is actually nice. Most people cannot make use of this benefit until they reach Knighthood though, so if you cannot earn more experience then this benefit becomes less useful.

Lastly, going over the VIP Benefits 13 to 19:

13) 40 Devotion is nice, but not the end of the world.

14) Mystery Shop attempts +60 is something that practically nobody will use apart from a small percentage of big cashers who are not the target audience of this specific article.

15 + 16) 100 more Gold and Daru Alchemy. Same as above.

17) Special skin to your city. A visually small pleasant element but not to die over.

18) 1000 Bonus Kyanite for plundering is a completely outdated / useless benefit.

19) Maximum dimension limit increased to 5. This was probably the top VIP benefit many months ago when dimensions were introduced, but now that most people have a pretty decent level of resistances and will crystals it is not longer practical to try to get higher levels of crystals via daily dimension farming. Together with getting tired of farming and the exponentially higher requirements for higher crystal levels resulted in less and less people doing the maximum daily effort for dimensions to the point that having the base 2 is already sufficient in relation to the activity.

VIP weekly gift pack level 8 and 9

And lastly the gift pack for VIP 8 and 9 levels is shown below. As SC and luck stones are obsolete for most or all VIP 9 players, the rest of the items are not something to fall in love with and we will make an argument in the recommendations below what different decision would be better.

VIP Packs in the Hot Sales

If you do choose to buy VIP membership remember that it is better to wait for the VIP cards to show up in the hot sales which come one or two times per month.

  • The single 30 day card is worth 899 balens with a couple of extra items in it.
  • The 90 days membership (3 cards) go for 2199 balens also a little extra (exp scroll, stamina and medallions)

Conclusion / Recommendations and Alternate Strategy for Balen spending

In this article we analyzed the VIP benefits (for level 9) and we are not saying that VIP is useless or not worth it, just that even the updated VIP benefits are already outdated. What we recommend is to look at the numbers, the facts and what more you could get by spending the balens on something else:

  • For example instead of spending 5297 balens for 7 months of VIP we think you would get a lot more rewards if you spend those balens to buy 1 x level 10 Will Crystal or 1 x level 10 RES Crystal from the new Artifact Roulette and on top of that get at least from 3 additional Big/Epic Spender events a range of additional rewards. And that would give you a lot more than grinding for 7 months in dimensions and other benefits.
  • Another example: instead of 1.5 months of VIP you could unlock the Diamond Resistance Shield which will allow you to put in 3 extra resistance crystals (and picking up the 1000 balen spending reward from big spender + at least 2 days of 500 recharge + one time recharge x 2 + special 500 recharge chest) and that’s a lot more than 1.5 months of VIP benefits.
  • Lastly example is for people who can accept some risk. For the same balens you could participate in events like the Sacred Tree and, if lucky, get your hands on a fused sylph, which would not be possible for any amount of months of VIP.

Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google

Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google


  1. Doesn’t that mystery shop benefit refer to the old mystery shop?

    • Yes correct, they didn’t bother to adapt that 🙂
      I am assuming they might have wanted to move that over to the Wilds Shop but i cant find any official reply from them on this subject

  2. On the Koram servers the only way to become or renew a VIP is to wait for the VIP Luxury packs to appear. That happens for 3 days each month. VIP cards are no longer for sale and you cannot just click the “Join” button, as it stopped working in December. We all thought that they were removing VIP status. Much of the VIP status has become dated and the items for most of us useless. But that is true of most of the events. The only item I could really use is Tenacity Marks, but there are no events for them like there were with Beads of Influence and Soul Crystals/Soul Marks.

    • Sounds like Koram is doing a bad job because it is absolutely fundamental that the “Join” button works, so they are losing money by not fixing this

      • Sadly, it seems that Koram is a one-man operation in Sunnyvale. Just a server-farm running several games. There is zero support. I put in a “support ticket” a month ago and no response. You never get a response from Koram. I think it is on auto-pilot. He just runs the patches and collect money from cashers!

      • Hi,
        Something more about koramgame.
        In France, they use the argument that “7road” do everything about the event for example.

        The technical support is like out of service without help of moderator (Who are player).

        Don’t know about German and other version of Wartune by Koram.

        TomKo44, did you already get Moderator(player) on your version?

  3. why r2 put not WC unlimited grrr

    • interesting idea, unlimited might be too much but increasing would not hurt anyone

  4. Dimensions are the only reason I have VIP, mostly for cross-server events. But now that hot events are garbage and can’t even get lvl 11 rewards in the 3-day time period anyways, I’m letting VIP expire til hopefully the game/rewards improve.

    • im done with doing all these grind type events including dims an sylph arena. so i dont need vip anymore. and i will let my vip expire.i believe my time and the 25$ a month i spend here has been nerfed to the point of no overall advantage.and they keep adding stuff(without removingstuff)making the game a im loging in less an less and caring even lesser about this game.

      • well rightly said this game is dying slowly, already started loosing interest in this game

      • yeah, we lost 2 of our top long time players because of recent changes. one being our g.m

  5. VIP is so important if u need astrals but for a light casher this means 5 months VIP to get level6
    i would only use VIP if i can reach level6 on activating
    150%exp really good for me but not necessary
    5dim is sooo good only if u have someone to help you on your account

    • the question is for example do you want those astrals which you can get by clicking also or a high level will crystal that you normally cannot get

  6. Astrals would be the only reason I would get VIP, but it takes so long to get that benefit I don’t bother. The Wartune devs are so busy making new things that most of us don’t even want they never go back and update rewards, etc. Remember Divine Altar? No one does that anymore. I really think they need to stop adding things and at least try to update rewards and fix all the bug that have been around for months if not years. I get that they want to make money, but keep your customers (and potential customers) happy.

  7. I wos lev 9 vip,but i stop before 1 year.Now i use 1h from fishing and 1 day from underground palace.rewards and benefits are not good to put money on that.but i hope they put rewards like hena.or vip shop .but that is hope.

    • what fishing?
      underground palace?!!

      • some players saved up items from even years ago

  8. Before they change fish system rewards.if u reach hig lev u get bip from catch fish.and undergraound palace is wos like dim.and if u lucky u wos able get vip card.and other stuff.balens…etc

  9. hEy Guys at Doly! You should say it clearly instead of hiding among words…..

    It is SOLELY for people who wish to:
    -open all dimes when needed
    -180 whips in a week are fairly nice to get (since unlimited events are now gone)

    any other given bonus is NOT worthwhile the vip price.
    MAKE IT CLEAR, TELL PEOPLE so mayyyyyybe if the vip recharges drop…..they might start understanding why.

    PLus i could not agree more to the VIP coins, a total waste.
    I used something like 1k vip on the wheel (only to get the gold, only real available option) to get something like 10m….1/2 months of coins for 5m gold?!?!?!?!?!?

    • i think the article is very clear 🙂

  10. actually I might have gotten 5m on the VIP coins actually…..

    • 5m gold is absolutely nothing in the current state of the game, you could also get that in 1 day in Archaeology 100% free

  11. Vip absolutely crusial in order to be successful in cross-server event, i bet elia agrees with me. If u want higher chance for finals, u need 5 dimension open(prefer exp.) cause of the res reduction and the extra br. I used this last time, which was the only reason i entered warlord 🙂

    • this article was not written for the people who are taking high ranks in tournaments; as it states right on top it is for people who spend maximum $30 per month

      • Some none balens spenders on my server is reaching warriors hall because of the extra br attained from dimension. That was all i was trying to say 🙂

  12. the prob in the whole is, that 7road, r2 etc drive only in one-direction: nerfing rewards and continouosly adding new elements, which we shall pay for. evereything what make a little joy they nerf or make to pay for that stuff.
    i hope, they will notice the decreasing numbers of players and decreasing amount of bought balens, so that they change their opinion… but i am realistic, they will crash the game in a few months and then tell us, sry, there are to few cashers we will close the game, thanks for our big houses and yachts…

  13. Really, I think the auto-checkin and +40 devotion may be the best benefits. On my non-vip alt, I rarely manage to hit all 10 day check-ins, and reaching 115 devo without doing the horrible grinds like solo arena, sylph arena, bounty quests is very hard. So I count the daily fashion core as part of the vip rewards.

    • that is indeed a good point, but i would still argue that for example a high level will crystal which one cannot get (the people for whom this article was written “max $30 spenders) is a much better reward than things that you can get yourself

  14. I found this interesting, because it makes me thing that the different leagues might keep a different type of players. I can honestly tell you that the top players where I am all do sylph arena. they all what that challenger slot. Achievers all of them.

    Read about the Bartle MUD quotient. it was written for old fashioned text MUDs but fits in any online gaming environment

  15. It’s funny what that game is. “Very Light Casher” = up to $30 per month – and that’s the monthly fee of two subscription-based (or freemium) MMO games once they were high in popularity, yet here it means nothing…

  16. One “newer” VIP thing that isn’t listed on those old, old, old description pages: Blacksmith conversion discounts for gems, divinity souls, etc.

    • that’s a good point, thanks for bringing it up, indeed that is a nice benefit, but i think my conclusion still holds because gold we can earn while spending balens on un-earnable items might be a better choice

      • I meant to also say that I agree with the article. Thanks for these posts.

  17. Many of the rewards in the game are outdated for higher level players. Amethyst, useless once you get the mount. 1800 for 30 mount training whips? I get more a day from pasture! Sylph Crystalloids, same! Then the worthless rewards for Cross-Server events. CSGB, garbage! Titan War, garbage! Steel War, only good for monthly mount.

  18. if it is not worth…why you have Vip still running?

    • lol

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