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Video RESONANCE Guide + 18.5m BR Unlocking Time Vortex

Hi everyone! This is a brief 2 part article sharing with you a video guide on Artifact / Pennant Resonance of Wartune Patch 7.7.2 and a new achievement of unlocking Demon Void with as low as 18.5m BR and Time Vortex with as low as 19.5m BR.

Video Guide: RESONANCE (& Pennants)

I have just published this video on YouTube – it should make the RESONANCE / PENNANT system fully clear for all players:

Next, on Time Vortex:

Time Vortex Achievement Update:

I managed to reach a new achievement on an alt char unlocking Demon Void with as low as 18.5 mil Battle Rating (I think even 18 is possible with more luck) and the entire Time Vortex with 19.5m BR (also lower is possible with more luck).

Here are the 2 Patron exclusive articles I had already posted to help everyone who is stuck:

  • [Patron Exclusive] How I killed Top 2 Final Vortex Bosses with 22m BR: HERE
  • [Patron Exclusive] How I killed Legendary Reaper Boss with 19m BR: HERE

Here are 2 screenshot proofs of:

Demon Void Fully Unlocked @ 18.5m BR

Time Vortex Fully Unlocked @ 19.5m BR

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  1. Dude game is hacked.

  2. The game is hacked for more than a hour and wartune employees are doing nothing. No emergency shutdown. No advice to their players.

    • which servers are hacked?

  3. what really happened that day?.. it means our accounts (credit cards) are vulnerable too?

    • We (players) do not know because they would never tell us all the details about it. But I think if there was any danger to credit cards they would be legally forced to inform people. So it seems it might have been just a silly hack. I cannot know for sure of course, this is just an opinion.
      – COSMOS

      • Eh.. they did announce on forum details of what happened.

      • Full information of what happened is never told to people (not company specific). Usually when a bad event happens then whatever company is affected has an emergency meeting and one of the things they decide upon is what exactly to announce to the people. I am not blaming anyone, this is common practice all over the world. Often companies are hacked and they don’t even inform people.
        The question here was about credit cards and I did reply that I don’t think those were in danger, but again, that’s just my opinion, I do not have the exact facts.
        – COSMOS

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