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Treasure Inventory Compensation 21 Dec 2015

Hey guys, today we have a compensation from the Wartune team (R2/7Road) called Treasure Inventory Compensation, which is available for 3 different level ranges (60-69, 70-79 and level 80), which are granted to all players as an apology for the horrible way they dealt with the gem bug level 12 problem. See the compensation packages below.

A lot of (free) players will be super happy to receive all these nice goodies which include up to 3500 bound balens and up to level 7 Will Crystals and other gems!

However, I am sure a lot of, especially competitive, players be still angry and unhappy because their “enemies” or opponents who managed to get (and keep hidden) level 12 will crystals and other gems, will still be significantly ahead of them.

So, what do you think? Are you happy with this compensation?

Are you happy with Treasure Inventory Compensation?

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  1. Why is the compensation in lvl ranges? The gem bug hit all lvl players equally so why not give the same compensation to everyone?

    • i believe the logic is that the higher level players are affected more from such problems than lower ones and that’s why there are ranges for compensation; generally speaking this is logical / makes sense

  2. While the compensation was indeed nice to me, an apology letter should be included for those who were banned without exploiting

    • I am sure many will agree with you, but maybe they don’t really know who is the cheater and who is the honest person (as there are still “cheaters” around from what i hear)

  3. So what happens to the players that lost items without exploiting? Do they not get those items back? Is this comp pack it? Don’t get me wrong, this is a nice comp pack especially if you was not affected.

    • Those players would have to continue their fight via the ticket system as that’s the only way to speak to them and of course it would not hurt to post in forums also; harder life…

      • I have submitted mine and alway’s ask update from the elf who handle my ticket they showed a ss of my character from some sort of list where they put the victim of that bug exploit or even the after 17th of December maintenance they did informed to me cooperate well and provide them what gem was taken from me since there are still 315 to 325 player’s of the list they showed me waiting for their own update’s too

  4. How did they bug it like that? I have the inventory myself but when I levled a gem or anything in the inventory I still lost it… how did they do it? :O

    • i don’t know the bug exploit but even if i did i could not share it here as we are not allowed to share game exploits

  5. I was actually pretty happy to see the rewards we got. I don’t know what this bug was that people used to get many high level gems but I was able to unlock the treasure inventory which really freed up my inventory space so I’ll take it.

  6. im very happy with this compensation expecially for bound balens they gived

  7. I am a free player which never got the extra space but r2 still stole 9 euda gems from me from lv8-11.

    Tickets are the best way to hide from players. Never do we get anything in mail nor a ticket # anymore. They have ruined the game & now our confidence of them “caring about players”

    I wish players would learn to show r2 we will not stand for it & go cash free for a week! They will learn after 1 week

  8. It got me a free Treasury… so I am happy! I just want them to fix the Adv Guild Skills. It is like they don’t even know it is broken!

  9. Lost all my Gems on equips + Inventory… i didn’t even open treasure inventory… they haven’t even respond to me…. submitted ticket like 3 days ago..

    • Jalen, I am in exactly the same boat. I lost all my gems from equip, inv and even mail and no response to the ticket after 5 days now. How is this compensation fair to us who lost all our gems…

  10. All this was a nice compensation for people who were not directly affected, as a resolution it totally sucks.
    One of the key members of our guild lost every single one of his gems that took him 3 years to accumulate. In no way does this make up for that and they have done nothing about his problem. As I also would, he is probably going to quit playing. This not only screwed him over but adversely affects our entire guild. When are they going to get their heads out of their asses!

  11. 60 gem packs yielded : 53 lv1 gems – 4 lv2 gems – 5 lv6 gems – 2 lv7 gems

    I can’t help but feel that we got nerfed stuff. Even worse is with the way they are managed, I wouldn’t put it past them to give us a compensation package that ‘fixed.’

  12. By sending this “compensation” to everyone, the result is that no one is really compensated at all.

    – Why would they compensate the people who deliberately exploited the treasue inventory, got caught and lost all their gems/crystals?

    – The ones who exploited and slipped through unaffected will be overjoyed to have yet another unfair advantage coming their way.

    – For the ones who didn’t exploit but got robbed by the developers, this compensation is just a slap on the other cheek, as it doesn’t even come close to covering the years of work they lost by having their toons nearly destroyed for something they didn’t do.

    – The vast majority of players didn’t even hear about this whole affair, and were lucky enough not to lose their gems. They were completely unaffected by all of this, and therefore have no reson to be compensated either.

    • I don’t think everyone got compensation pack. Didn’t think they were going to do one either till I came here.

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