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Top 20 Best Eudaemon Diamonds [Wartune 14-02-17]

Hey guys, in this article I share with you Eudaemon Diamond builds among Top 20 Eudaemons / Players in Cosmos’s Cross Server section.

These are not from rank 1 to rank 20 because 1 player can have several top Eudaemons and I assume that the thinking of any player is same for all his/her Eudaemons, so I have taken the Top 20 of best Eudaemons of each player (names / ranks / BR) are shown in the table.

The aim of this analysis is to discover if top players use same builds, which would be the case if there was one best build discovered, or if they use various strategies.

Eudaemon Diamonds

TABLE: Top 20 Best Eudaemon’s Diamonds

ATK = Attack
BL = Block
INF = Influence
# = Rank #
– = no Diamonds equipped
Data collection = 14 Feb 2017

# Player Name Server Eudaemon BR Eudaemon Type ATK HP PDEF MDEF Crit BL INF
1 Kelbeans R2S-371 16985944 Battle Oracle 8 8 8 8
2 Stormy R2S-338 16212746 Battle Oracle 8 8 8 8
4 Pass R2S-595 15962281 Battle Oracle 8 8 8 6 2
5 LadyJocelyn Kabam-4 15864830 Battle Oracle 8 8 8 8
6 passport R2S-595 15824692 Battle Oracle 8 8 8 8
12 manoj Kabam-4 15430953 Battle Oracle 8 8 8 8
14 shampoleon R2S-138 15372522 Battle Oracle 8 8 8 8
16 Brani R2S-103 15257488 Battle Oracle 8 8 8 8
24 Kalas Kong-5 14987287 Battle Oracle 8 8 8 8
25 SKELOS R2S-160 14959613 Blood Demon 8 7 5 8 4
26 Nazurtiti R2S-31 14930563 Battle Oracle 8 8 8 8
27 infingarda Kabam-4 14917810 Battle Oracle 8 8 8 8
29 XxFAFNIRxX Kabam-4 14856305 Battle Oracle 8 8 8 8
36 daro92 Kabam-37 14660182 Blood Demon
37 Babyface R2S-51 14602644 Battle Oracle 8 8 8 8
39 Jesse Kabam-67 14573315 Scourge Mage 8 8 8 8
46 Rork ArmorG-1 14404635 Battle Oracle 8 8 8 8
55 Philtom Kabam-37 14167893 Battle Oracle 8 8 8 8
57 MissTrust Kabam-67 14086138 Blood Demon 8 8 8 8
60 wallop Kabam-59 14059452 Sanctuary Hunter 8 8 4 8 4


As expected they all have Attack Diamonds. These serve well both for damage and also for increased healing effects.

The vast majority also equip HP and PDEF Diamonds. PDEF seems to be clearly preferred to MDEF. This might be due to the Eudaemon Type as the majority are Battle Oracle who are naturally stronger in MDEF. An alternative theory could be that from the 3 classes in-game 2 are PATK so PDEF serves best if all things are equal.

Few players have made more offensive Eudaemons with additional Crit Diamonds. This gives them more damage output or stronger heal at the cost of slightly weaker survivability.

Something I did not expect to see at all is the heavy investment of 8 Diamonds that several players put into Influence. Influence increases the chance to stun the enemy and also decreases the chance to be stunned. I am not exactly sure how to explain this investment, so if someone reading has ideas feel free to share.

Finally only a couple of Diamonds were given to Block. I actually expected to see more Block as it has the potential to cut damage received in half when activated.


  • Was this Top 20 analysis interesting for you?
  • Have you used similar Diamonds for your Eudaemons or different? or perhaps you don’t care too much about this part of Wartune?
  • Did anything surprise you from the results?

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  1. *it’s interesting bcs i was thinking of making my oracle y main eud and after this article after i saw most powerful ppl use oracle then my hesitation is gone
    * i care about hp mostly bcs i don’t need to comvert it at the time of events he he

    *i didn’t know that crit increase healing , i thought it’s only for attack damage

    …. also i wanna remind you guys that you said that the full info for the new patch will be at the end of this month and this month is 28 days , just a reminder he he

    • beh, critic increase the healing not is exactly right. critic raise the damage done by 50%. also the healing. but if you do alright a very good critic, is useless try to heal more. you’ll heal anyway by 50%

  2. Am I the only 1 with lvl 8 eudaemon skill. If so aim the God of noncasher
    That right 4 lvl 6 , 2 lvl 7 n. 1 lvl 8

    • it is impossible!!how u did it?

      • Thru patrol. I get 200 to 400 a day.
        Lvl 7 cost 2k, lvl 8 cost 4K book

      • Can also get from cs event shops. So far I have a lvl 7 and a lvl 6 skill with enough to make another lvl 7

      • and all from patrol.

  3. 1. The reason u dont see block is because of new astrals, the first ~50k block rating is absolutely useless and with talents it’ll soon be the first ~100k block rating.

    2. I think the influence gems are because they havent changed from before the eudamon patch that removed most of the stuns and such, back then influence was quite useful.

    • Agree with this, likely just forgot to change diamonds and the eudaemons with influence might not be their main ones. Oracle just shows highest in rank for most players cuz it has highest natural BR and therefore made it to your listing while player him/herself might be using some other eudaemon nowadays.

    • Hi Psy, where did you get the 50k / 100k numbers from?
      I ask because normally nobody knows the formula and to my knowledge it is not possible to completely eliminate something.
      – Cosmos

      • Stun doesn’t even work anymore on high players

      • Educated guess, been dueling a friend with 67k block, he used to block all the time, now with 59k pen it almost never happens, so we assumed its a 1 to 1 deal.

    • Influence diamonds give more br. So they are using them to have a “stronger” edemom

  4. events for 28th?

  5. They have the influence diamonds on, because those give the most br.

    • Forgive me if I misunderstand… but if influence no longer works to stun near as reliably, then wouldn’t influence diamonds be a waste of a slot?

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