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Thank you Roses for Helpers

Hey everyone! This is a short post just to remind players that if you are asking for help from stronger guild mates or other players it is a nice gesture to gift roses in addition to typing “thanks” in the chat.

For example the weekly Temple is very for many players and I always gift 99 Roses when people help me complete it.

The 99 Roses you can get for free by doing Archaeology, so you literally lose nothing other than a few seconds to send the roses to each party member.

Gifting Roses for helping Wartune

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  1. I never understand what roses actually do? Do they give you some stats or?

    • some patchs ago it increased friend level. Now is almost useless since it only increase charm.

  2. I send roses to thank players also and although roses are useless now i still see it as a special thing when someone sends 99 of them to me. 🙂

    But every time i send or receive roses it is a reminder that the developers screwed us over by taking away the friendlyness-levels, the buffs and the ordering of the friend-list.

    That “update” made me do less farming on friends farms because it served no purpose anymore.

    So yes, roses are still usefull in some way but only because the sender can “say” something to the receiver.

  3. Roses are a joke…if someone wanta to thank me just say so…yes they are a symbolic gesture but tbh it simply causes me to send some back. If stronger players want to help they do…flowers or not so a simple ty would suffice tbh. Also, yes they flowers used to help friends levels but now they just take up space…maybe 7road can make them into something useful…like rose hazel! Jusy a thought!

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