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Sylphs Reaching 900k BR

Hey guys, following the last Wartune update it was easily predictable that sylph strength (BR) will increase substantially. However, what is interesting is that the speed of this, at least in my Cross Server section, happened a lot faster than I expected.

Here you see the ranking chart for Sylph Strength where we can see that the Sylph battle ratings are already reaching 900k BR.

The top person and #4 are actually from my server and everyone are using their sylphs as support (thanks again!).

Chart Sylph Strength


  • Are you also surprised by the speed of sylph battle rating increase?
  • Are your servers / Cross Server sections also similar to this one or do they have stronger or weaker sylphs?
  • Do strong people on your servers help with Temple runs?
  • Where do you think sylph BR will be 1 month from now?

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  1. Hey,in my server the strongest one is Salena’s Odin, close to 800k BR. Only 2-3 players are helping with the new mpd and she is one of them. Thunder is also helping with that.

    • I did Temple run seven or eight times on Sunday.

  2. My Frigga is number 3 on my server. It was not even in the top 10 before. Odins are 1 and 2. I will have my third HS very soon.

  3. In my guild we have at least 8 sylphs 600k BR, and they help us. I’m surprised with 863k

  4. On average i do 15 HS runs for my guild members but in general very few of the “High BR” people help outside their personal runs. Also of those runs I do for the members of my guild go to the 2nd lvl Boss and win, They are generally to weak still.
    Also none of the Sylphs in my Guild are 600k br+ yet

  5. Why would I be surprise when it all cashing.
    Only way be be surprise if it comes from a non casher otherwise i wouldn’t be

    • I agree.. I knew cashers are gonna jump easily meanwhile free players are gonna be struggling a lot again.

  6. Doing 40-50 HST runs a week, we make sure every KH player in our guild gets full HST run every week and friends in other guilds, and have enough strong sylphs to spread the load

  7. -_- yea but isn’t HST (Holy Sword Temple) only for those who have merge sylph like Frigga/Freya, Thor/Trye, Odin/Loki.
    Even so getting rewards Adv.Mahra + Sylph Soul Orbs, but still engraving Sylph Soul Orbs to max does boost your stats & Battle Rate. But problem is once unlocked Holy Sword none (Advance Sylph – Hecate,Arise,Goddess,Zeus,Venus,Poseidon) can equip the Holy Sword not until you have Merge Sylph.
    But guess not a problem engraving all the Sylph Soul Orb to get BR boost, it just none other Sylph can use Holy Sword unless you have merge Sylph.

    • U cant fully engrave all sylph soul orb without merged silph (and cant unlock HS), so idk why u are mad about not being able to use HS in non merged silphs. -.-

  8. In Russian version it grows even faster(although we got holy sword functionality only on March,14 and time portal on March,23).

    Top players are close to 40 lvl of holy sword already.

    • yep russian sersers have 4 reset and 10 refrash. Can make 4 x 400 purgatory

  9. Wow, you guys are lucky. No one bothers to help with HS temple in my server, not even those from my guild…

  10. -nope
    – no , weaker
    – yes ,in my guild the guild master helps with 2 other player
    – millions i think

  11. Hello, My sylph is 750k. I am 4th on my server and 6th cross server. The top 3 are also on my server and top 2 are in my guild. Top sylph is 800k Br and in my guild we do at least 20+ temple runs a week.

  12. hello, in my server theres MrHolland with 950k sylph br

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